Having a Vision

What is vision?

When people hear the word “vision” I suppose some might think of a saint of old seeing something spiritual.  Or the entrepreneur like Steve Jobs having a vision for a company.  But it can also mean just what God is speaking to you to build in your life over the coming years.

Here’s how I think of it: Vision is when you see something in your heart that you haven’t yet seen physically in the now. 

Vision isn’t necessarily some mystical experience.  God’s voice isn’t necessarily something that you will hear in an audible voice.  But as you read the Word and grow spiritually you’ll learn to discern more and more what God wants of you.

When you serve Him the desires of Your heart will be more and more for Him and less for yourself.

Vision takes faith

Faith is when you believe in something you don’t see.  It will be on your heart so much that you start praying and fasting, not out of legalism, but because what you have is in your heart so much that you’ll do anything to see it come to pass.

Sometimes God will have you serve another’s vision such as a pastor’s.  Not only do we want to see people saved, but to see them delivered, discipled and eventually in positions where they serve others.  My vision is to teach worship and equip and raise up young people for worship ministry.

Your vision:

When people are younger they start to wonder what God’s will for they’re life is.  I can’t tell you everything you’re called to do in life, but we do know one thing.

You already have a desire to learn music and worship.  God has put music in your heart (Eph 5:19,20) and is developing His vision in you right now.  It wasn’t the world that put that desire in you, it was God.  God created music, but sometimes men will take that creation and use it for his own ends.

How to discern if your vision lines up with God’s:

Commit it to the Lord.

Prov 16:1-3

Check it with the Word.

Pray about it.  Fast about it.  Fasting clears your mind and helps you hear God’s voice.

Talk to others about it whom you trust such as your pastors or youth staff.

The test of time and circumstances.

What to remember about “personal prophesies”:

Prophecies are there to help affirm God speaks to you already.  They are not to be taken as always correct.  Test them with the Word and with what is in your heart already.

“Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophesies with contempt.  Test everything.  Hold on to the good.  Avoid every kind of evil.” – I Tim 5:19-22

Sticking with the vision:

When you have a God-given vision you will pursue it no matter what you see.  When you have a vision it will be tested.  There will be times when you question it, and God will in time reaffirm it.  When you go through these times, don’t forget it, but pursue it.

These are times when you must work for it, even when it isn’t fun.  Your flesh will hold you back on this, but you have to pursue the vision in spite of this.  As you do this you will grow as a Christian.  You start to develop discipline and consistency in your life.

Taking action:

James 2:17

When you believe in something you take action.  When you catch a vision for something, practicing every day becomes no problem.  Showing up on time will become very important for you.

If you mess up, pick yourself back up again and continue where you left off.  God is very patient with us and will help us up when we fall, then give us the strength to go on.

How to keep the vision alive in your own life:


Read the Word

Be involved in your local church.

Be patient.

As time goes by and you grow, God might work in your vision to where it changes to something that wasn’t what you originally had in mind.

Hang around others with a lot of faith and vision.  Don’t listen to people who only go by what they see right now, just going through life day by day.  And definitely stay away from negative influencing.

Always be willing serve others.  Be willing to lay down your own vision for a season in order to serve another’s vision, especially of those of whom God has put in leadership over you.  God will honor this.

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