God-Centered Songs vs Me Centered Songs

Once a very influential pastor noticed a trend in the contemporary worship music scene.  It seemed like many songs were me-centered.  Heal me, touch me, fill me, etc.  They were very renewal based, but not as much emphasis on the names and attributes of God.  The omnipotence of God (meaning all-powerful, He can do everything), His omniscience (He knows everything), His omnipresence (He is everywhere, all the time).

There’s a David Crowder song called, “God of Wrath”.  Uncomfortable?  Yeah, maybe, but it’s a truth that makes the love of God so wonderful.

The balance of course is that there were quite a few me-centered Scriptures in the Psalms when David does cry out to God to meet his needs.  So this is completely valid, but perhaps this might work better in the non-congregational format or limited to a few more intimate moments of the set.

Pastor will often tell musicians we need to know who we’re singing about.  I’m a creative writer, so I understand the power of showing not telling.  But still I do want my songs to be clear who they’re talking about.

There’s a song we like to sing that goes, “God you became a man, You took on flesh, You’re so beautiful.”  I’d say it’s pretty clear, wouldn’t you?  This has a story and a basic Christian doctrine, but when you sing it enough times, it can get into your spirit.  What we want is revelation.  In worship we need not just words, but the revelation of who God is.

I think the old hymns do this great.  While they don’t repeat and are wordy, singing those attributes poetically will help get it into your spirit.

So just remember, the key is to put focus on the one we’re worshiping, not the feeling, the latest songs, or the instruments.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face…

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