Be Prepared

Ever had days where you and others just can’t seem to get your act together?  It happens.  We want to have a smooth and productive practice as well as have the presence of God with us.  While we won’t always have the “perfect practice”, following  these principles can help.

When you’re at a worship practice set, be prepared:

  • Make sure everything is set up BEFORE the practice so you’re ready to go. Tuned, gear set up, plugged in, sound check, etc.
  • Warm-up before practice. If you sing, you can do vocal exercises on the way there. If you play an instrument you can do scales, rhythm exercises or run over familiar songs on your own.
  • (Specifically for guitarists, but other instruments and vocalists, make a similar checklist your own equipment.)  Always carry with your guitar:
  1. Extra strings-because breaking them is inevitable if you play a lot. A spare guitar can be handy as well. If you break, just switch.
  2. String winder-For faster stringing. Watch that kids don’t run off with it, because apparently it’s a great toy gun as well.
  3. Extra battery-If you play from a plug-in acoustic
  4. Extra picks-Because they seem to constantly get lost or beat-up.
  5. Tuner-while you should get used to tuning without them, they’re handy when other loud players are getting ready as well.
  6. Metronome-jot down tempos of new songs and then refer to them later if you forget. I like the handy tuner/metronome in one.
  7. Capo: Comes in handy when the pianist brings in their favorite song in B-flat.
  • If you bring in a new song, please type it cleanly, check the chords, run the spell-check, and check for any other errors. Get the music from a good source not just something thrown together from Joe-shmo’s guitar website. Be excellent!
  • Don’t show off or play your latest licks while waiting when the others are trying to discuss what to do, as it’s often just distracting. They don’t really care about your latest Metallica riffs. Instead, is there anything you can contribute? How can you help your leader and team?
  • If drums or band sound is still being worked on you can try to use the time by asking others to help run over a slower song or two with the acoustic guitar. Something you don’t need drums or sound for.
  • Be spiritually prepared. Get up 10 minutes early for a quick devotions if you don’t already do that. Maybe even skip your usual social media. Listen to worship music or Scripture on the way. If you’ve been struggling spiritually throughout the week (because all of us do at times), that’s where grace has to come in. Worship by faith.
  • Have a prayer time with your team. Make sure there’s a spirit of worship during the practice itself. Things are sometimes a bit awkward coming in. It helps to just open up with a familiar worship song or prayer. If you want to have times of spontaneous singing, that’s fine as well.
So have fun and be excellent in all you do!

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