New Camera

Christmas is over.  (Sigh of relief)  Work’s been crazy, but we made it through.  As a present to myself I got a Nikon 7000 along with two cool lenses, an 18-140mm VR lans and a Sigma 10-20mm.  I took it up Rocky Butte in the evening, and also got some inside shots of the Robinsons’ Christmas decor.

Here’s a photo slideshow.  Enjoy.

  • steps

  • trees

  • landscape-205

  • butte-with-lights1

  • butte-steps

  • butte-lights-sepia

  • 205

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  • Christmas Tree



From Negativity to Destiny

Serving at the feastOne thing I appreciate about UPS is they give everyone a chance if they can work hard and focus in the midst of stress.  For an entry-level part-time job, they give good benefits and reimburse college courses so we can get an education in.

Many have worked there for years either moving up in management or staying with teamsters.  So often it seems like family, just regular people trying to make their way through life.  Being in management I often hear the brokenness of people who can barely manage the stress, but are so thankful for the life and the rewards.

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A Leap of Faith (Literally)

josh taylor parachutingOur group made our way into the plane, loaded in gear.  Yes, I was scared, but somehow I knew it was going to be okay.  As the Monster energized jump-trainer situated the number three passenger in the back, the pilot put his finger to his lips and closed the hatch behind the trainer as his back was turned.  When he was done and got out to situate the next jumper, he bumped his head.  “Pilots…” he murmured, though he was laughing himself.  He then helped the rest of us in.

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Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay I took the challenge!

This is one of the craziest trends I’ve seen.  Everywhere I look on Facebook is another challenge.  I took the challenge, because I was dared, and I’m all for good causes.  However it is good to do your research before giving.

So if you are interested in ALS, check out this link for ALS research at John Paul 2 Medical Research Institute which does not use stem cells in their research.

Also speaking of causes, this is beside the point, but is urgent right now.  There’s a pressing need at the moment to help the refugees in Iraq who have been forced out of their homes.  Please consider supporting World Vision’s Rapid Response team to Iraq as well as praying for those victims.

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.  –Hebrews 3:13

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Be Alive

They had seen so much of death, that life mattered less than the moments of being alive. Wade Davis-Into the Silence

This quote was about Mallory and his expedition to Everest and how the apocalyptic Great War had influenced them.  It was one of the best history books I’ve listened to, but you can get the basic idea by listening to his lecture.  Yes, it’s long, but well worth it.  I think about these guys and the sacrifice they made, and am so grateful for the freedom and peace I have in my own life.


My Own Adventures

I might not fight in a war or climb Everest, but I enjoy taking time to enjoy small adventures of my own. The bloggers are saying we should travel more and I agree.  Travel enriches your life, educates you, brings you out of your comfort zone, etc.  That’s all awesome.  But the cheapskate that I am, travelling to other countries is expensive.  I mean, yeah, follow your passion, but people spend so much money and time following their passion, they never make any money to truly change things.  Hence the hipster scene of Portland.  Better to invest the money…

That being said, what’s the next best thing?  Backpacking in the Northwest! Continue reading »



How Busy is Too Busy?

205 at nightA couple years ago when my church merged with another church from Vancouver, I remember taking the longer drive.  Driving out on the 205 bridge and seeing the breathtaking view of the Gorge and Mt. Hood I thought this seemed right.  I’d feel God as soon as I crossed the river.  Like something was released.  New seasons, the old has gone, the new has come.

And it has been a journey, one which I’m still taking.  Now I’ve moved across the border to a place perhaps less noisy, a bit more conservative.  My dad helped me moved the other day and we were talking about how many flags were being hung in the neighborhood which is good.  Patriotism isn’t something you see much of in Portland. Continue reading »

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