Welcome to the world of Josh.  Blogs, music…it’s becoming my life.  Plus friends, church, and interesting trips and events.  Oh yeah, I work too.  I know I look like a rock star here, but I do have to pay bills like regular people.  Resistance is strong, but God is stronger and will see this thing through.


Finally finished with fall term.  The marketing class was exciting and very hands-on, and I learned a lot from the web-design classes.  Last two weeks were lots of overtime at the shipping company.  Getting ready for the next term.  More on my latest blog.


Wow, and I thought I was busy before…

Now taking 14 credits with the web design program at PCC.  Taking CSS, Dreamweaver, and Marketing and really enjoying it though it’s filling my weekend.  In addition still working right before peak season, teaching guitar lessons, and playing music at church.

The classes are great and it’s nice to use my newfound skills on this and my other blog when I find the time to mess around with it.  Though I haven’t kept this writing up as much there will be more to come.  Life is exciting, though wish I had more time to write about it.



The album is done and available for download!  Go get it!  ——————————–>>>>


Hey look it’s my bro’s birthday.  Happy b-day JT!  (Yes, both my bros, Dad and I all have the initials JT).

Finally sent in my tracks to be mastered.  After that it just needs packaging.  My dreams of making a CD could be realized soon.

Check out the new worship training series.  It’s a series of teaching articles with some information worship leaders and songwriters ought to know.


Still very busy.  Working extra hours at the warehouse and dealing with a relationship.  Still working on the music project.  Five songs almost done and ready to master.  Also working on a worship training portion of my site where I’ll write on leading worship, playing as a team, and writing songs.

The theme of the site is being revamped to become more focused on worship, rather than imagination to reality, but still from a unique creative point of view.  This will be more consistent with the music.  Story and creativity will still be emphasized in the blog, but kept a bit more concise, easy-to-read and researched.

As they say, “The best is yet to come!”


Doing a live show tonight with David Shambry and Charlies Hysaw at Lynnwood Friends at 6.  If you live in Portland or Gresham come check it out.

Five songs almost finished.  Still need to master and package a CD.  But it’s getting there little by little!


Two songs on i-Tunes now.  The plan is to make a mini-album of five songs.  One step at a time!  In the meantime check out my music page to see what’s up so far.



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