About Uncharted Streams

Okay, so what is this?  I think there’s music on here, but what’s with the streams thing?

Well let me explain.  Uncharted Streams is just a spiritual reference that means when God takes you to new places you haven’t explored, He’ll sometimes lead you to spots where you can be refreshed spiritually.

And so this is my story.  My intention is to inspire you in your own story.  There’s also some free music you can check out.  If you’re interested in learning guitar check out the lessons page where there are some videos that show my style of teaching.

About me

Okay, but who is this Josh guy anyway?  I’m not a preacher or theologian or anything like that.  I’d rather sit at a computer and share thoughts and tell jokes than speak at a bunch of people.  I do help with worship at my local churchand prayer center and have adventures in Portland/Vancouver and the Northwest.  But hey you’ll learn plenty enough about me in the blog.

I respond to comments and emails, so if you want to say hi, just write me at josh@unchartedstreams.com

Have fun, stay creative and pursue dreams.

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