A Grand New Adventure

crooked-river-highway-27Where did Josh go in 2015?  Is Uncharted Streams still there?  Great question.

2015 has been a great year for me.  I’m no longer taking classes, as I felt I should be pursuing actual business efforts instead of learning marketing concepts here and there that aren’t as applicable.  While getting my Bachelors in business is one of many life goals, it’s going to be put on the shelf a while.  So what’s next?  Here is my tale for 2015.

I have no interest in making television ads for Pepsi, I just want people to come to my website.  I was frustrated that marketing classes hardly even touched the latest platforms like search engine optimization, mobile, or how to really use social networks like Twitter and Instagram for building relationships and a brand.  Their idea of internet marketing was using banner ads.  Important concepts like dropshipping I don’t remember hearing about at all.  I guess if I’m to really learn this stuff, I need to do it myself.

Last summer I took two classes that helped lead to where I am now.  1. A small business class, where I had to research and come up with a business plan and 2. An internship coop with Bicyclinghub.com, which gave me real-life experience with e-commerce.  The business plan I wrote was for an online store selling backpacking equipment, and I decided to pursue this for real.

So I quit school.  In the fall, I figured out how to set up the online store, designed the brand, and journeyed throughout Oregon and Washington experiencing the outdoors.  I got a better phone and figured out how to use Instagram and other social networks for building the brand with photography.  I found great friends both online and offline who were able to help me and inspire me.

I felt like God was saying he wanted to dazzle me.  As I saw the wonders of Oregon like Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, and the planets from the camp of Smith Rock.  Yes, I was dazzled.  You know that verse in Ephesians that says God’s love surpasses knowledge?  Paul prays that somehow we could grasp it.  After long periods of barely feeling God’s presence, when I’m outdoors I feel alive.  I feel God.  And I’ve barely begun to be dazzled.


The view of South Sister from my tent at night.

I’d been on a lot of trips, but these wonders were right here in Oregon and I’d never seen them.  I also took a couple trips to Seattle and experienced a whole new scene there in the Cascades.  These mountains continue to tug at my heart and I want to go back.  That’s just the beginning.

I have yet to see the Grand Canyon, the Sierras, the Redwoods, the Applachian Trail and Smoky Mountains, Zion Canyon, Virginian battlefields, Glacier National Park, and Alaska, last of the pioneer country.  And that’s just the US.  I want to someday gaze on the stars in the Australian outback, walk the ancient pilgrim road to Santiago in Spain, hike Machu Picchu, and see rocky ocean cliffs of Ireland, my Celtic roots.


View of Brokentop Mountain from Three Sisters Wilderness

People say I should sell photography somehow.  I’m not making a coffeetable book, though I might sell framed works eventually.  For now it’s mostly marketing purposes.  My thoughts on art and content nowadays is that it’s a great marketing tool, but for products I want to sell something people actually BUY.


Physical items like gear, tools, clothes, and other quality products aren’t something people get for free.  It’s just supply and demand.  They have to buy them for what they need.  And I don’t have to invent them or create them, I can mainly market and sell them.

As you can see Uncharted Streams is rarely kept up.  I am now focusing on the new project.  It’s called Outback Tales, sells outdoor and photography equipment, and is launching in January.  It also has a blog, which I will now be focusing on instead of here.  It will show my latest adventures and photos, as well as helpful articles.


Crater Lake on a foggy day

The message of Outback Tales is similar to this, basically to be inspired by great epic books or movies, but also create your own adventure.  But Outback reaches more people and is more in tune to the market, as people need to be equipped for adventure.

You know when you pursue something and it just seems to flow and work better than what you trying to do before?  I know now that I’m called to business.  Ministry and music will still be focused on the church.  But writing and photography will be focused outward to the world, where I can make sales, and hopefully someday make a living doing what I love.

Will Uncharted Streams still be around?  Hey, you never know when I want to write Christian thoughts regarding worship and that sort of thing, as well as ranting, so it will still be around for a while.  Besides, it’s one more link to my new website.

So here’s to 2016 and the great new tales we will write!

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