New Camera

Christmas is over.  (Sigh of relief)  Work’s been crazy, but we made it through.  As a present to myself I got a Nikon 7000 along with two cool lenses, an 18-140mm VR lans and a Sigma 10-20mm.  I took it up Rocky Butte in the evening, and also got some inside shots of the Robinsons’ Christmas decor.

Here’s a photo slideshow.  Enjoy.

  • steps

  • trees

  • landscape-205

  • butte-with-lights1

  • butte-steps

  • butte-lights-sepia

  • 205

  • 84

  • DSC_0411

  • DSC_0397

  • DSC_0364

  • DSC_0360

  • DSC_0323

  • DSC_0315

  • Christmas Tree

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Those night shots are fabulous! Which lens and what settings did you use?

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Thanks Elizabeth. I use two lenses, a Sigma 10-20 mm which is good for landscapes and close-ups and an 18-140mm VR which is more versatile and can zoom.

      For settings I set it to “S” and used a 20-second exposure with automatic aperture and used the two second delay with a tripod. For ISO I think it was about 1000-2000.