Be Alive

They had seen so much of death, that life mattered less than the moments of being alive. Wade Davis-Into the Silence

This quote was about Mallory and his expedition to Everest and how the apocalyptic Great War had influenced them.  It was one of the best history books I’ve listened to, but you can get the basic idea by listening to his lecture.  Yes, it’s long, but well worth it.  I think about these guys and the sacrifice they made, and am so grateful for the freedom and peace I have in my own life.


My Own Adventures

I might not fight in a war or climb Everest, but I enjoy taking time to enjoy small adventures of my own. The bloggers are saying we should travel more and I agree.  Travel enriches your life, educates you, brings you out of your comfort zone, etc.  That’s all awesome.  But the cheapskate that I am, travelling to other countries is expensive.  I mean, yeah, follow your passion, but people spend so much money and time following their passion, they never make any money to truly change things.  Hence the hipster scene of Portland.  Better to invest the money…

That being said, what’s the next best thing?  Backpacking in the Northwest!

I mean hey, it’s different than city life, so for me it’s an adventure.  While concentrating on my load of school, business and work, I’ve had to force myself to not look at nature books so I don’t get antsy.  But now with a lighter load, I finally have a bit more time.  I finally got to see the Pacific Crest trail in the Indian Heaven Wilderness in Washington just East of Mount Saint Helens.

I also saw the Olympic National Forest and took a 20 mile hike along the coast finally ending up on Rialto Beach.  Walking through slippery rocks, water puddles, seaweed and rain wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it.  When I’m in nature, I feel alive.

So here’s a few shots of Josh’s mighty adventures:

  • hikers tunnel

    These guys are ready to go! — at Olympic National Park.

  • eagle perched rialto beach

    Eagles at Rialto Beach — at Rialto Beach, Washington.

  • eagle flying rialto beach

    As the other guys scared away my eagle close-up at Rialto Beach, I caught it mid-flight. — at Rialto Beach, Washington.

  • sunset on the beach

    Sunset at the beach. Yeah buddy. — at Olympic National Park.

  • strange rocks

    I've seen too many Indiana Jones movies. It looked like skulls were in the rock. — at Olympic National Park.

  • stars washington coast

    First night was clear and the stars were out. I lay with my head outside the tent and took a few shots with an 8 second exposure. That top one was either a shooting star or a bump. I choose to believe the former. — at Olympic National Park.

  • Rialto Beach

    Rialto Beach-Here we parked, then shuttled to Ozzette, then hiked back along the coastline.

  • rainy day washington coast

    Saturday was a rainy day. Unfortunately my phone was in the pocket of my pack and wasn't kept in a bag... (Fixed it later by laying battery and inner phone by a fan overnight). — at Olympic National Park.

  • olympic forest hike

    Our hike through the forest to Ozette. — at Olympic National Park.

  • ocean view from tent

    We didn't have much room to pitch tents here. After watching the tide closely, I ended up moving my tent back as best I could. Didn't want to float away! — at Olympic National Park.

  • object on the coast

    ??? If you know what this is, let me know. — at Olympic National Park.

  • colors blue light Washington coast

    Twilight colors after tide went back — at Olympic National Park.

  • pacific crest indian heaven

    My first time on the PCT, the trail which stretches North and South across the US from Mexico to Canada.

  • Group Shot Pacific Crest Trail

    Tim, Nik and Kevin Robinson, and me standing by the PCT trail marker.

  • View of Mount Saint Helens

    The view of Mount Saint Helens from Indian Heaven Wilderness

Be Alive

Hey, it’s summertime.  For the moment I’m not gonna say to go pray and fast or eat healthier or save and invest or go help a third-world country.  Those are good, but for now, enjoy the summer.  Being alive looks different for different people.  For some it’s travel, for some it’s skydiving, but sometimes it can be the smallest thing that takes you out of what’s comfortable, though it’s big for you and benefits you somehow.

So…go do stuff!

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  • Jair says:

    Wow, great photos! Next time I’ll tag along. :)