How Busy is Too Busy?

205 at nightA couple years ago when my church merged with another church from Vancouver, I remember taking the longer drive.  Driving out on the 205 bridge and seeing the breathtaking view of the Gorge and Mt. Hood I thought this seemed right.  I’d feel God as soon as I crossed the river.  Like something was released.  New seasons, the old has gone, the new has come.

And it has been a journey, one which I’m still taking.  Now I’ve moved across the border to a place perhaps less noisy, a bit more conservative.  My dad helped me moved the other day and we were talking about how many flags were being hung in the neighborhood which is good.  Patriotism isn’t something you see much of in Portland.

As much as I love Portland, I do get tired of the hipster lifestyle, working minimal jobs, living from paycheck to paycheck so they can afford microbrews and books and more tattoos.  I don’t care what hobbies they spend on, but for crying out loud do something meaningful with your creativity besides whining against the establishment.  Look at Seattle.   Jimi Hendrix, Jim Casey (founder of UPS), Gary Larson, Kurt Cobain, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos all have something in common.  They’re all from Seattle and they all made a difference in the world.

This is a great study atmosphere as well as a better room in a nicer area.  The family I’m renting a room from is pretty laid back and there’s not a lot of TV blairing.  It’s closer to the community at church and we often have friends over after church, which I enjoy.  I like the lack of noise here.


How Busy is Too Busy?

There’s a great book called, “Notes from a Blue Bike” by the blogger of The Art of Simple.  The book is about her adventures as an ex-pat, which is someone who lives abroad.  She’s married with three kids and has lived in Turkey, Texas and Bend, Oregon.  She writes about how life changes living in the US compared to the simplicity of other countries.  How we need to buy local and organic vegetables and how we’re so busy all the time.  Okay, okay, I get it.  I take what I can and mock the rest.  lol

Here’s something I posted on Facebook just recently:

Okay, time for a Josh rant. People keep busting on Americans for being so fast-paced. I get kind of tired of it sometimes. Unlike some people (yes, I know it’s not everyone) in socialistic countries, who sit around all day criticizing Americans while staying poor, some of us have stuff to DO. On the flip side I do realize we need to get rid of clutter, live more resourcefully, and not waste. We can use technology to waste time with games, tv, and stupid youtube videos, leaving less hours in the day so we have to move more frantically or we can use it to benefit our lives as well as others. It’s all on how you look at things and how you use the tools given to you.

Personally I don’t see a lot of busyness in the States, just a lot of texting and social media updates.   What distinguishes start-ups which turned into great companies is that they busied themselves for a grander purpose.

I’d like to think my busyness is for good not evil, but decide for yourself what’s too busy and what isn’t.  I’m not scrambling to pay the bills on debt or a bunch of stuff.  My used car is paid for, and I don’t own a house.  I’d rather concentrate what income I do have toward the future.


Location Independence

People ask, why don’t you become a driver and buy a nice house, etc.?  I don’t want that life!  One thing I’ve learned in the last couple years is I can’t be tied down to one location.  It’s not a bachelor thing or fear of commitment.  I have no problem with people earning a basic living and raising a family, and that’s what many people should be doing with their lives.  However I felt pressured to fit this mold by other people however well-meaning, but it didn’t feel right in my spirit.  It’s not that I’ll never raise a family and or maybe even someday buy a house, but it won’t be in typical fashion.

While I can’t say for sure what the future holds, I at least know for this time in my life I need to be free to pursue opportunities away from home in the future, whether entrepreneurial, non-profit, or ministry.  I can’t be tied down to a house or a job or debt or large possessions.  That’s why I’m clearing out so much stuff, taking classes, investing, etc.  If the opportunity comes to jump on a plane right away, I need to be ready.


Choosing Activities

Someone once asked me, do you still write?  I do, but having to keep up a blog every week takes time.  For the few entries I do write I’d rather have quality over quantity.  With as much as I have on my plate, I have to pick and choose what activities I take on.  I’ve chosen to concentrate my efforts on my schooling for now.

Bosses at my job say now that finals are over, you can work extra shifts.  And they’re right.  Lucky me.  Am I busy to be busy?  Proverbs says to work like mad in the season of harvest.  Secondary wisdom after the Bible is Dave Ramsey who says even if you have a lot of great business ideas, there’s nothing wrong with working a lot of hours at a regular job to bring in some income while you can.

Next week, it’s back to school for the wonderful world of Javascript!

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