Fascination-Intelligent Design and the Search for Truth

Me standing by the freeway near Paradise PointWhen I was a kid, I was a bit of a science geek with my shiny rock collection and a microscope where I could look at salt or hair close enough to see shapes and designs.  My dad and I would take my telescope to the park on a clear night in freezing weather covered in blankets. There was no internet back then so I’d pour over books and magazines and call OMSI’s planet schedule.  I remember how exciting it was to barely find Saturn in my telescope and see the rings.

And I still love science as an adult, though my understanding seems to peak at a certain point.  I’ve been watching this series, Cosmos, a new version of the old Carl Sagan series, which I remember watching as a kid.  It’s like the textbooks I read in gradeschool, but a lot more exciting, though I don’t agree with some of his message.

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