Did You Know? – Seven Interesting Facts about Rockefeller

Screenshot_2014-01-01-08-55-16While working many long hours at Brown, audiobooks help keep my sanity in the midst of monotony.  You might be surprised at the many different walks of life I read about.  Biographies lately have been Greg Allman, a sniper in Iraq, and Rockefeller.  As diverse as these guys are, they all influence me in some way.  What goes through their heads?  What can I learn and glean from these successful people?

Don’t know what you’ve heard much about Rockefeller, although most at least know he had tons of money.  Perhaps you might even disagree with some his monopolistic practices in the oil industry.  But you can agree that he did some good things.

Did you know?

  • He was an upstanding Christian, faithful to his wife and family.  He faithfully attended and supported his little community Baptist church, even when others thought someone of his nature would be seen hanging out at the richer churches.
  • His church came forth from the great revivals of old.  Long before Azusa, Charismatic Movement, etc. were the Awakening Movements involving George Whitefield, Charles Finney, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon and many other great men.  These revivals are a bit buried in history now, but they truly did change the nation and helped form it to what we know now.
  • Him and Carnegie gave millions to charity, schools, libraries, medicine and churches, and became one of the greatest philanthropists in history.
  • Though he was fully willing to give to the poor, he didn’t believe in supporting the poor to such an extent that they relied entirely upon him and didn’t work themselves.  He was also very concerned over the financial situations of charities and how they spent their money.
  • Rockefeller supported abolition and education for blacks.  His church often invited black preachers in a time when social justice for blacks was more controversial.
  • His son John Junior, worked with sex-trafficking and prostitution, called “white-slave traffic”
  • Him and his wife Laura loved music and had at times practiced the piano for hours

When you have a chance study up on old-school, whether business, spirituality, acedemia, etc.  You learn a lot that way.

“I believe it is a religious duty to get all the money you can, fairly and honestly; to keep all you can, and to give away all you can.”  Rockefeller Quote from Time Magazine.

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