Did You Know? – Seven Interesting Facts about Rockefeller

Screenshot_2014-01-01-08-55-16While working many long hours at Brown, audiobooks help keep my sanity in the midst of monotony.  You might be surprised at the many different walks of life I read about.  Biographies lately have been Greg Allman, a sniper in Iraq, and Rockefeller.  As diverse as these guys are, they all influence me in some way.  What goes through their heads?  What can I learn and glean from these successful people?

Don’t know what you’ve heard much about Rockefeller, although most at least know he had tons of money.  Perhaps you might even disagree with some his monopolistic practices in the oil industry.  But you can agree that he did some good things.

Did you know?

  • He was an upstanding Christian, faithful to his wife and family.  He faithfully attended and supported his little community Baptist church, even when others thought someone of his nature would be seen hanging out at the richer churches. Continue reading »



Singled Out

Here’s a great article on being single in church:


It sounds like she’s coming from a lot of hurt, but still there’s some good points being brought out without it sounding too negative.

The only thing I’d disagree with is on the “celebrate single people”.  Please no singleness parties for me.  Just leave me alone!  lol

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