Life in College, Christmas Overtime

PCC in the FallSo here are my Christmas gifts: R&R, sleep, and yes, TIME.  Christmas slammed the shipping company I work at, and they paid us crazy money to work crazy hours.  I finally had a chance to make some good money as if God was saying, “I’m glad you’ve done your part for better or worse.  Now watch what I can do.”

Is it a good thing when life moves too fast for one to blog about it?  Some say we move too fast in our culture, and I see their point.  But I’d say in my case it’s a good thing.  I’m after something.

Some would say writing and blogging IS the passion they’re going after, and if you’re called to that, more power to you.  But when someone is living life to the fullest in something other than the blogworld, they often won’t have time.  I guess I’m kind of in and out, and the idea of writing every week sounds like one too many projects on my plate.  I still love writing, so I do it when I finally find this precious thing called time.


Checking out the fancy yards while helping out a driver route in West Portland

I don’t know how I did it, but I worked a job, kept up a lesson business, and took 14 credits.  Learning CSS, HTML5, and Dreamweaver has gone well, as you might’ve noticed the little changes here and there in the design of this site.  Knowing CSS gives so much freedom to what I can do instead of trying to figure out WordPress theme settings.

In my marketing class I got to be involved with a start-up which produced high-end caramel corn as well as a successful philanthropy project in SE Portland.

Here’s a couple websites I worked on:

Had a great Christmas and ate way too much.  With my newfound time, I’ve hung with the family, read some $100 startup and catching up on Sharktank and a couple National Geographic shows.  I’ll need to get back into my “go for it” routine soon, working out, making money, learning new things, etc.  I love this path!


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  • Angel says:

    Great job on the website projects! Now that it is out there, is it something you hope to keep up and add to?

    The philanthropy project was amazing! So glad that it turned out with such great success.