Stories of God’s Provision

Pumpkins and squashes and sign that says: Carnival Squash 45 cents lb.When I was at my folks’ house, my dad was struggling to shut the door to the freezer and keep the food in after getting back from Costco.  First world problems.  I told him this is actually a good problem to have.  Doesn’t Proverbs say something about how your vats overflowing with new wine?

This is a season to really pause and consider God’s faithfulness.

Last couple of years, I’ve had to learn to rely on God as I go after my purpose.  But I’m tired of talking about myself.

It’s time to hear other people’s stories of how God has provided for them financially.  So gathered some other writers to share their stories.  All together, I figured this could help boost our faith and the faith of whoever reads this.  So here we go:


Three Hundred Dollars – Joan Hall

It wasn’t a lot of money—even in 1993, but it might as well have been ten thousand. My husband and I needed $300.00 to pay our quarterly car insurance premium. Ordinarily, the money wouldn’t have been a problem. However, the previous five months John had been off work and undergoing cancer treatments. It was the second year in a row for him to have fought the disease.

Insurance took care of the medical bills, but disability pay only went so far. Yet God had been good to us. John recovered from the treatments in a short amount of time. Only three weeks after doctors discharged him from the hospital, he was able to return to work the week of Thanksgiving.

I wanted to honor God in some way. That Sunday, I gave above the ten percent tithe. I trusted God would provide a way to pay the insurance—even if we had to do without something. A few nights later, we heard a knock at our door. We weren’t expecting visitors, and were surprised to see one of our church elders and his wife. They handed us an envelope. We opened it to find a check—a check for $300.00.


When God Supplied – John Taylor (my Dad)

One of my most memorable times was when I was about six or seven. My parents were struggling to pioneer a church and money was very scarce. Once they were low on food and had no money. So they prayed. Then they went to the mail box and there was a totally unexpected check for ten dollars, which would be about one hundred dollars today. It was enough to buy a large sack of potatoes that lasted a long time. I still like potatoes.

It was only one of many times in my life that God has answered prayer for a basic or not so basic need.


300 dollars with a notes that says "From God, Don't ask....

An instagram from a student we sent to Bethel. God provided $300.00 when he needed it.

Our God Provides-Anastacia Maness

We wanted to marry.
We didn’t have much money.
We married anyway.
Our God provided.

We wanted children.
Still times were tight.
We had our first child.
Our God provided.

My husband is a pastor.
We moved to a new church.
We bought a new house.
Our God provided.

We moved again.
Our house wouldn’t sell.
Several tight years and 3 children later.
Our God provided.

Every time Satan attacked
Our funds would get tight.
But we would pray and
Our God provided.

Thanksgiving Day is our 18th Anniversary.
Blessed with 6 children,
Debt free, with a raise in income
Our God still provides.

Preacher’s Wife, Homeschooling Mom to 6, and writer
Encouraging and Strengthening Families at


Dave Arnold

A few months back, my wife and I were talking about how tight things were financially. We live in an immigrant community just outside of Detroit, ministering to people in need, on a very modest budget.

Because of some extra financial strain due to my wife’s pregnancy, we prayed for God to provide our needs. The next day, I checked the mail and noticed an envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and it was a $1,000 check from a person I had met at a church I spoke at. I couldn’t believe it!”And my God shall supply all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).


Missions, Faith, and a T-Shirt-Dayna Bickham

Earlier this year, the mission organization I wanted to join invited me to their training camp. If I could make it, I might get chosen to lead mission trips, not just take them. Camp was in thirty days. All I needed to do was fly from Texas to Atlanta and back. Even thirty days out the cost of the ticket was out of our budget.  Only God knew how I would get from point A to point B and back.  For me, it was not always as clear.

My husband and I discussed finding things to sell.  We don’t have much, so the options were limited. I tried a fundraiser, but no one came. It seemed, in the first few days that nothing was working. I was coming to the conclusion I was not going to make it and my heart was breaking. I would pour over videos from other missionaries and cry and pray, “Here I am, send me!”  Then a gentle whisper as I read Luke 10. “This is what I want from you. Go, and take nothing with you.”
Faith and awe exploded simultaneously. With a “yes!” from my heart, I knew I would go and God would make a way. We had $100 to our name, earmarked for groceries. As I opened my email that morning, an airline advertisement sat in my inbox. $99 one way to Atlanta. I called my husband, got the go ahead and bought the one way ticket.

Within minutes someone called and asked if they could pay me to hold a garage sale for them. I was paid $100. A few days later I woke up with it on my heart to call my uncle. It never crossed my mind that God was setting me up. After a conversation about cousins, church, and what God was doing in me, he bought my 1 way return ticket home. The trip was paid for. From the moment I got on the plane until the moment I left camp, I spent no money. God provided a way. He bought every meal and even (I kid you not) a T-shirt.


Provisional Blessings

God settled that He will provide for me and my family in a single event. About thirteen years ago now, my wife and I were more broke than we’d ever been before or since. We sat down to look at our bills and responsibilities, and realized – we were $763 dollars short. This was after we decided what bills to skip. So we wrote our tithe check and got ready for church, stressed to the max.

I didn’t even pray for God to help us – I was too embarrassed. But He heard my unspoken prayer. After worship, I grabbed my Bible and a sealed envelope fell out. Inside the envelope was this note, typed: “God told me you needed this. This should cover your bills and leave enough for a movie night.” And eight crisp one hundred dollars bills. Enough to cover our bills, and $37 for a decent date night.

Chris Morris is a CPA by day, but a creative at heart. He loves telling stories to inspire and encourage others, even when life seems busted. He also loves a great cup of coffee, preferably French press. He writes at You can follow him on Twitter at You can find him on Facebook at


Lord as Provider, Faith for Finances

Yesterday, I committed to sharing my story today. When I woke up this morning and my alarm went off, the melodies of Christmas music playing for the first time this season reminded me of the beautiful holiday and the miraculous birth of Jesus our Lord and filled my heart with peace. As I am still listening right now, I feel grateful for the many miracles that keep me going through all the adversities of my life. A coincidence, you say? We know there are no coincidences. Just incidents that fit together to reinforce God’s presence everywhere. Just as long as we are open and willing to listen, see, feel, and accept these wonders, in whatever form they come!

God has always been a part of my life, more like a distant cousin though, you don’t see very often or truly know. How can one have a relationship with someone if only meeting each other around holidays?  I realize that for years, I was short of the most basic ingredient in life ….FAITH. I remember asking myself: How do you get faith? Where do you go? What does it look like? My thirst however, for knowing and living through this so called “faith” in God was only quenched during the most difficult and trying period of my life. Throughout the past two years, this distant “cousin” has become more like a member of the family; a dear friend, if I might say, who pays us frequent visits, since  I have been calling upon Him daily, inviting Him into my life, celebrating and giving thanks every moment.  The Lord has carried me when I was too tired and could no longer walk. He has provided for my family and me the financial aid that was so desperately needed. Just when I had no more money to pay my bills, not even enough for the next meal and didn’t know where to turn or what to do, the Lord as Provider came through. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly over this difficult period!

I have finally come to acquire faith in our Lord and trust that He will always be there for me. And it’s not only about the financial relief. I believe this was His way of getting my attention, because that’s where I felt the hurt more. For me it has been faith in the whole process of life, the universe. Trusting in what is and having blind faith that God has already taken care of everything. My heart is filled with gratitude as I give thanks every day for all the blessings in my life, for the “safety net” of family, friends, and strangers that God has laid out for me, in my leap of blind faith.


God Bless!!

Kathy Vaselopulos, Athens, Greece    


Getting Through the Process-Messenger

In the last five years I have seen miracles where my budget was completely accounted for with only 19 cents left over. I not only struggled to pay the mortgage and the outrageously high heating bill among my expenditures but also feed my three boys. Yet God never forsakes the righteous, nor are their children begging for bread. (Psalm 37:25)

It has been a struggle to barely pay rent and bills on time, having to make the choice to step out in faith obediently giving my tithe first followed by the humbling experience of asking management to hold the rent check for a few days because money is late getting to you. Still, God has always made sure we have enough.

Psalms 94:19 says “When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” (NLT) I once heard it said that an encouraging word or scripture is like receiving a refreshing glass of ice cold water. As I walk through the valley of financial burdens God faithfully provides scriptures, sayings, and words of encouragement to help me in the dry places and keep me moving forward.

He once asked me, “Is there anything too hard for Me?” Humbly, trying to gather my thoughts as I was momentarily dumbfounded, my answer to that question was, “No, Lord, there is nothing impossible, too difficult, or hard for you!” Never again will I take the expression “trust God” for granted. I choose to trust God by letting go, and letting Him take control.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it.  God provides for our spiritual needs and our Earthly needs too.  Thanks again to those that helped out on this project.  Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

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  • Josh, what a great idea you had to share thoughts on how so many of us have been blessed with God’s provision, not only as you said on a spiritual base but financial as well.

    Everyone who participated wrote a heartwarming and inspiring post. It is amazing what faith and trust can do. I know that my Kathy will be inspired and encouraged by everyone to stand strong in that faith.

    Blessings for this beautiful Thanksgiving holiday, today and always!

  • Josh Taylor says:

    Thanks. You have a great Thanksgiving as well, Katina!

  • Joan says:

    Thank you, Josh, for posting this collaboration of stories and for the opportunity to contribute.

    May God bless you and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Glad for the story, Joan. If you noticed, there was another $300 story with the pic. Strange, huh? You have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  • You just can’t know what a blessing it is to read these stories today, of course…God knew. Thank you so much

  • Laura Mc Coy says: