Stories of God’s Provision

Pumpkins and squashes and sign that says: Carnival Squash 45 cents lb.When I was at my folks’ house, my dad was struggling to shut the door to the freezer and keep the food in after getting back from Costco.  First world problems.  I told him this is actually a good problem to have.  Doesn’t Proverbs say something about how your vats overflowing with new wine?

This is a season to really pause and consider God’s faithfulness.

Last couple of years, I’ve had to learn to rely on God as I go after my purpose.  But I’m tired of talking about myself.

It’s time to hear other people’s stories of how God has provided for them financially.  So gathered some other writers to share their stories.  All together, I figured this could help boost our faith and the faith of whoever reads this.  So here we go: Continue reading »