New Mountains, New Streams

My buddy Jon at Silver Star MountainTwo years ago, I embarked on a journey to really take initiative in my life and the purposes God would have for me.  It was just after a wilderness process that seemed to come together.

Along the journey I released music publicly, entered a relationship, quit my moonlighting job in retail, and got serious about business, writing and design.  Not everything worked out exactly as planned, but they were important steps to take nonetheless which led me to where I am today.  The blog here chronicles that journey.

Where has the path led me?  Okay, fast-forward to today.

Single now, not a rock-star, not a world famous author, and still driving my old Plymouth.  Still working part-time at UPS, my guitar lessons gig is doing well enough to give a nice bonus, and I’ve started taking classes at PCC for website design.  I liked it so much that I decided to take on a full load this term.  Uncharted Streams will still be online, but will have to suffice with only a few entries once in a while, rather than updated twice a month.

Did my initiative fail?  Hardly.  The lessons I learned were well worth it.  I’m far more confident in the path I’m taking now.

God is Faithful

Looking back on those times, was I scared?  Of course.

Were those decisions right?  Well, like I said, plans don’t always come out like intended, but I didn’t fall flat on my face either.

God has provided for me every step of the way.  He has showed me a path I can take step-by-step.  So yes, I’m glad I took the initial steps.

In the last week I’ve been trying to finish my dad’s website before I get too slammed with school.  A few years ago he retired early from his job at the county assessor’s office to be a daytrader.  People thought he was nuts.  Men at church prayed that he would change his mind!

But God knows the purposes of our heart and His will better than us or our friends.  Dad was great at stocks (and even taught me how to invest), but it wasn’t enough for a career.  Somewhere along the line he started consulting and helping businessmen with property tax appeals.

What started with one major client has grown to a small network.  Now it’s becoming a regular business.  God has provided for my folks’ needs and my dad is much happier where he is now.  (Side note: Believe it or not the crash of 2008 didn’t seem to hit him that hard.  He sold Velero high before it crashed and I bought in later on.  Yeah, buddy!)

He took risky steps, yes, but life is now the better for it.  Isn’t God amazing when you see the big picture?

Perhaps this could be a place where I share stories like this.

Last of all check out this great comic by Bill Watterson which has been passed around lately with a powerful message on pursuing a life with meaning rather than just making money and climbing the ladder.  Enjoy!


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  • I didn’t know you were going to school full-time! Awesome! Your blog design is much neater and cleaner…Looks great!