Great Hikes of the Northwest

It’s summertime!  Time to go enjoy nature.  What Josh, this was a worship blog, then a lifestyle design blog, and now it’s Oregon field guide?  Hey, I’m always talking about creation and nature here, so I thought I’d don my trailblogger’s hat today.  Here’s some great places to hike if you live in the Northwest.  If you live elsewhere in the country, you’ve got to come visit see our sites!

So here we go: Continue reading »

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The Heart of the Father

Family Fishing Trip

My dad, his fisherman friend, and my brother

What to get for my dad?  My dad has very simple tastes.  He seems to get just as excited over a Starbucks card and bags of goldfish crackers as getting a nice tie.  In my family we always emphasized being cost effective.  If we got a bargain on something, we could actually tell the receiver and they would in turn rejoice at our finding.

Unfortunately not everyone these days has a father to get a gift for.  They call this the fatherless generation. Continue reading »

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