Spiritual Winter

Josh Taylor carrying a guitar in the snowIn the Northwest on the rare occasions we see snow, it’s called a “snowstorm”.  As of this year, it’s near the end of January and we’ve hardly seen a flake.  There’s a guy at work from the Midwest who loves to joke about our snowstorms.  News crews all over the place.  The TV constantly showing accidents of people who don’t know how to drive in snow.  We call off school and church.  The city becomes a standstill, except of course work, which gets great PR from the brown trucks stuck in snow on the news.

When I walk out into the cold associations with good memories from childhood make it fun as uncomfortable as it is.  As a kid I loved the feel and sound of my feet crunching in the frosty grass.  I’d pretend I was a dragon as I breathed the fog from my mouth.

When it snowed we didn’t have websites to look up, so we’d gather around the radio to listen for our school’s closure.  With snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, snowforts, a kid was in bliss.

Back in the day our heat was from a fireplace and we’d have to gather wood from outside in the cold.  But then inside we’d roar up the fire, while the pipes froze.  I’d even get to keep up the fire at night and watch David Letterman.

In the evening, we’d enjoy the warmth and listen to vinyl records of the Kingston Trio singing about bullfighting or treasure hidden on the coast of California.  Things were simpler back then.  Perhaps music and books had more value, because we didn’t have so much instant access (law of supply and demand).

Icicles on family hike at Eagle Creek

The family hike we took recently at Eagle Creek. Slipping all over the place, we didn't get far.

Winter tends to be a season of transition.  The cold, dryness that has to happen before new leaves come in with spring.  The last year is over.  It was my journey in taking risks, taking the plunge to create a better story.  I’m not a huge blogging rockstar and my CD is still processing, but God has provided and I’m thankful for the journey.  I still hold on to my dreams, though of course they get tweaked as time goes on.

Single again, which is a different lifestyle as well.  The relationship taught me so much of life and the wonderful things I wrote of her last year still hold true.  Yes, it was a surprise to many, and it does affect me at times, but life goes on.  Sometimes these things just happen and you make the best of it.

These days I miss hiking and finding God in the woods.  Ever had a spiritual winter?  You know those days when you try to seek God and it just feels cold and dry with colorless leafless trees all around you.  What happened to that wonderful time you met God at that retreat or conference?

But this season brings forth an intimacy you might never imagine.  Just like as a kid there are good times to be had in winter as well.  What looks like a dull, gray scene of bare branches to one person could be a great work of art to another.  It’s all about perspective.  Yes, spring is around the corner, but enjoy the here and now.  These dry, cold worship times are normal and necessary.

Multnomah Falls in Winter

In the middle of Song of Solomon, the beloved looks all around for her lover and can’t find him, and she even gets beat up.  But it has a happy ending.  Happy endings are so much more moving after a season of testing.

To be great and reach potential these seasons are a must.  Maybe you had prophetic word?  Or maybe you just knew in your heart that God has such a great destiny more than you ever imagined.  These things are not instant.  These winters could last years or even decades.

So might as well quit fighting with God and just enjoy your winter.  His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are deeper than ours.  I’ll continue to emphasize calling out the names and attributes of God which hold true no matter what season you’re in.

Holy, righteous, worthy of praise.  King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is faithful!


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  • Thanks for your encouraging comment, Josh. Proud of you for keeping on, even in the winter season! If we don’t quit, we win. :)