New Beginnings

A lady holding up a glass within a wine-tasting classNews Years.  The time when people start take down decor, socialize, and make resolutions.  Me?  I’m going to recover from Christmas.

In Sunday’s sermon Pastor proclaimed this coming year to be the year of presence.   Even as we sought Him before and couldn’t see Him, He will now come to us in intimacy.

And He will shake us.  It seems like whenever we hear about shaking and being torched in the fire and all that, we get all inspired.  But really, do you know what that’s going to entail?  Perhaps we should be more afraid of God shaking us than things going on in the political realm.

You see when we get shaken out of sins and weights that hold us back it’s a process.  Sometimes it’s an instantaneous miracle, but more often than not it’s a lot of stress.

Perhaps we might call it “eustress”.  A term that means good stress that helps us grow as opposed to distress which makes us want to eat donuts or smoke.  The former is obviously better, but still a process.

Ever had laser-surgery?  I’ll happily wear my nerdy glasses before going through that.  From what I’ve heard it’s a traumatic experience where you must hold your eye open while all sorts of strange stuff is begin done to it.  Sort of reminds me of that scene in Star Trek-First Contact where Picard has borg thing poking his eye.  Gross.

But think what clarity your vision will have after the trauma?  Same goes for the spiritual.

For those that have held to promises through years of testing, I know how you feel.  No really, I do.  Maybe not the same circumstance or to that degree, but I know what it’s like.

I’m really looking forward to this coming year.  Financial problems?  Turn to God, He will provide.  Sick?  Stick to Scriptures of healing no matter what you’ve experienced.  Emotional heartache?  Only God can truly heal you.

The new year is a clean slate.  Sins are forgiven.  Mistakes are in the past.  All we can do now is learn from mistakes, let God pick us up and dust us off, then we can start moving again.

Eat and be merry one more week, then you can get back to the workout and whole grains.  Write a song, paint a picture, dance, do something interesting.  It’s time to celebrate!

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