The Year of the Lord’s Favor

Formations in a view from Mount Saint HelensBack toward March or so when Messenger and I had started dating, we sat outside of Vita Cafe in North Portland and talked about things going on in life and church.  She kept saying that it was the Year of the Lord’s Favor with total optimism.  Cynical me.  “Don’t they say that every year?”, I responded.  Wrong thing to say…

Later on she texted me and said, “You need to change your way of thinking.  I’ll send you a Scripture or encouraging word every day till you change your outlook.”  And so she did.  From then on, when I got off of work she’d send me an encouraging text.  It was like getting a drink while walking through a dry land.  And my outlook started changing.  You can read through the archives and see the gradual changes.  The blog posts are more concise, easier reading, but have more of a positive slant on things.

But it’s near the end of the year and looking back, was it really the Year of the Lord’s Favor?  With recent events the world seems to keep getting darker and more evil.  My church meets in an office building and half the time our equipment doesn’t seem to work.  In my own personal situation, I still work a part-time blue collar job, drive an old car and am still searching in my own creative career journey.  Was this year favorable?  How about a big resounding Yes.

I’ll tell you why.  Even as the world grows darker, the church is getting prepared and is shining ever brighter in a dark land.  This year I saw what God’s presence coming to a city was like in Redding, California.  My own church moved from a wandering people meeting in schools to having our own building and having a mindset of habitation.

Yes, we’re still working out kinks and growing, but things are happening, and our hearts are being awakened.  There were breakthroughs in the life of my girlfriend (who is a sign of favor for me), my Dad’s consulting business, healing for my pastors, the list goes on.  Sounds like favor to me.

Me on my bike in downtown Seattle with Puget Sound in the backgroundWith all the writing I’m seeing about living a good story, perhaps even as we try to live out of the box even things like travel and art and being hip can become cliche (not to mention expensive at times).  When we put God first and pursue the dreams He has put in our hearts our story will naturally develop.  And it’s people who love us that give our lives meaning, not doing cool stuff.


Family at Bridal VeilYes, I had some adventures.  Climbed Mt Saint Helens, travelled to California and Seattle, took a few trips through the Gorge, did some hiking, went to the coast, had some great bike trips, took some freelance writing jobs, learned to invest and made public music.  These are things I never did back when I was younger, and the experiences have been rewarding.  But it would be so empty without relationship with God or other people to share it with.

Friends chillin' at Silver Star Mountain

Boys at Lacamas Lake

Older couple overlooking Oregon coast

You might have similar experiences.  Evil is all around and yet there are bright lights in dark places when you really look for them.  Think and consider.  What are signs of favor for you?


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