Song Story-Fascination

HAn arial view of the Rocky Mountains during my trip to Kansas Cityow do I spend Christmas?  Rather than snow, lights, cocoa and raindeer sweaters, my Christmas is sleepless nights with loud machinery and lots of facepaced processing.  Apparantly Santa wears a brown delivery uniform around here and we’re the elves.

While working all this overtime, I hardly have any time left to work on music or writing.  I meant to have my CD out by now, but there was a bug in the mastering and it’s taking a while to fix.  But while we wait I’ll share one song from the album you can download to your mp3 player as my Christmas gift to you.  Newly mastered!

Download here: Fascination

A few years ago this chorus came in a dream one night while spending time at International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  The verses came while playing around on a keyboard at the house of friends of ours in Lathrop, a little town north of Kansas City.  The two Scriptures Ps 27:4 and Matt 7:7 seemed to just flow together as I worshiped at the keyboard.  The  bridge part was added a few years later.

Anyway, enjoy the music.

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