Working With a Purpose

A scene of the industrial district in North PortlandWorking in shipping after cyber-monday is a bit like working at Wal-mart on Black Friday except your get overwhelmed by boxes rather than trampled by crowds.  All I can say is I’m sore now, but the check will be nice next week.

Due to time constraints I won’t be focusing as much on writing.  I said I was planning to lock myself in the warehouse when peak season came around, make some money, invest it and then have it handy if I need it later.

I’ve heard end-times teaching that when the New Millenium comes around we won’t be sitting on clouds playing harps, but we’ll be working.  Some might think, what?  I labored on Earth all my life for that?  Relax, it will be kingdom work.  Not drudgery, but work with a purpose.  Drudgery is one of those earthly curses we have to live with, but kingdom work…that sounds exciting.  Not sure what all that will entail, but helping Jesus’s army clean up the mess on Earth and then governing will be quite a task.

I love working, but I still have to somehow find God within all this.  I know there’s a purpose.  Always keep that in mind.  I’ll leave it at that for now.  Have a good month guys, make some extra money and enjoy the season.  Just remember, be nice to one another.

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