Display of a wagon with pumpkins drivers with pumpkin headsThanksgiving, a time for love, reunion, thankfulness.  I had a great time myself.  Climbing Mount Everest, exploring the Serengeti savannahs and running along the Great Wall, right?  Okay, fine maybe not.  Instead I ate pie and watched the Hallmark channel with my girlfriend and family.  Maybe not the most exciting story, but I did enjoy the great food and fellowship.

I know my third world country shpiel sometimes annoys my fellow westerners, but I just can’t help pointing it out.  But it never hurts to have a positive spin on it.  The thing is, we have MUCH to be thankful for.  Do you realize that according to How Rich am I an income of $25,000/a year for a family is in the top 18% of the world?  $50,000 is %10.

Everyone should see a third world country firsthand.  Years ago in on a youth trip to Mexico I saw people making their living searching through the dumpster in the baking sun and orphans just reaching out to be held.   Despite everything people say about the economy, we can still read prosperity verses and SEE it for real when we compare to the rest of the world.  And in America there’s so much potential for more, just remember to always be thankful as we pursue the dream.

In America, we have food even if it is lunch meat and boxed meals.  When being overweight is a worse problem than hunger, that’s a GOOD problem to have.  We have shelter even if it’s an old apartment.  We can communicate quite well with phones and technology and if you can read this blog you can be thankful for your instant access to information.  You can get to most places by car, and if not by public transit or bike.

If you got the day-off from a hard job, it’s a blessing.  If you didn’t, you can be thankful that you have a job.  A paid day-off or extra pay working holiday is a bonus.

I love the Northwest with it’s mountains and trees and oceans.  A few months ago, the rivers and streams dried up, Mt Hood was bare and forest fires sprang up.  As much as we complain about rain, when you experience drought of any kind you realize what a huge blessing it is.

If we have any friends or family or spouses that love us that is a blessing.  Even in broken families there’s love to be found and we should be thankful for what we have.

And never forget God’s love extends beyond anything we could ever imagine.  Forgiving anything we’ve done against Him, He looks past all that and embraces us.

If we have any of these things we are blessed.  Anything more is a BONUS.  A blessing of prosperity from God and we don’t know how blessed we are.

And so remember when fighting the crowds on Black Friday, even if you don’t get the big screen tv deal you were standing in line for think of the blessings in your life.  If you find low priced jeans, think blessing.  Your favorite CD on sale, blessing.  We’re already blessed beyond what we deserve.

No condemnation so long as we have the right perspective on our prosperity and use it wisely.  Enjoy your own time with loved ones and be thankful for the food and never forget those less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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