Active Justice and the Holidays

Statue of George WashingtonFor some reason when Thanksgiving comes around, I become passive.  Now some are spiritual and spend time thanking God or feeding homeless and that’s totally awesome if you’re really doing that.  But it seems when I eat turkey I just turn into a wobbly marshmallow.  I just want to sit there and never get up.  It takes everything within me just to ride my bike around the neighborhood and get fresh air and cardio.

Our church recently did some warfare against passivity.  I know our nation is going a bad direction, but I can certainly relate to passivity.  I’d rather relax, eat leftover turkey and watch a movie and not think about the many aborted unborn children or the slaves that have been trafficked and raped today even right in our own city.

Okay, so Tel-Aviv just got rocketed by their neighbors even as America is turning away from supporting them.  Rather than take a stand for Israel as I should, it’s so easy to think what’s the big deal, aren’t they always getting attacked?  It’s too much on the brain at once.  Sometimes you can only handle small doses at a time.

Am I being legalistic?  Nothing wrong with a day of relaxation after working hard all month.  And I’m certainly not trying to put on guilt.  Sorry to ruin your nice holidays, but I can’t help but think of these things.

As the season comes to December, we get so stressed out dealing with hustle and bustle and family that the last thing on our minds is saving the world, even as we celebrate the birth of our own Savior and Rescuer.

The Christmas season is often a nightmare for churches as we seem to lose ground spiritually.  My church doesn’t put on any special programs, but rather we ease up on the schedule.  Normally we relax as we figure too much is going on and why fight it?  But this year I think it will be different as an awakening is happening.

A few years ago I went through a time when I really had to examine my beliefs and whether I was called to my church.  I came originally, because they went after God wholeheartedly, but then we took some hits.  I thought of going back to my old church which always ended services on time and was doing fairly well.  Perhaps get married, work full-time at the warehouse, settle down and live a decent Christian life and just forget the whole revival thing.  I suppose that’s something to ask God about…and of course the answer was no.  Maybe I didn’t understand everything going on, but I felt I should stick with it.

Glad I did.

You see as men, it’s our calling and nature to be active, to stand for justice, defend the widow and the orphan.  Like the King Arthur legends, where chivalry changed the outlook from “might makes right” to “might for right.”  This might could be from an actual physical weapon against terrorism or crime, but it could also be from the pulpit, prayer, the pen, the ability to command wealth or even a song.  Our call is going to be unique, not something we copy from others.  Whether we fix cars  or design websites or do janitorial work there’s something creative that God puts in each of us to be warriors in His call for justice.

Often this will be latching onto another’s vision and serving behind the scenes as best we know how.  But it’s so easy to be selfish in our thinking.  What do we have in mind when looking for a church?  How can this church meet my needs.  Maybe instead we should ask what is this church doing for God, His kingdom, and the city and what is our place in that?

I know we have needs.  I understand our wounds are painful to carry.  Trust me I know in dealing with my own issues.  It’s certainly not selfish to want to heal a broken heart or be with people around your own age group.  But justice should precede even these things.  And perhaps it’s in finding our place within the call for justice that our needs start getting met?

The other day friends and I were discussing the abundance of single guys more than girls in our church.  Though we do want more ladies to even things out, we also need to have the solid foundations in place as our men learn to lead.

But whether we be men or women we need to be strong and active.  But then you might ask, what am I supposed to do?  Sit around feeling guilty all the time?  No time for that.  I’m not trying to condemn, I’m trying to stir awareness.  Start by praying, have God reveal things to your heart, and ask Him what to do.  Educate yourself on the injustices like sex trafficking.  The documentary “Nefarious” is excellent.  As hard as it is to take in, in between throwing up and weeping in prayer, somehow awareness can stir one to action.  Maybe we’re not on the frontlines, but there must be something?  Perhaps email someone involved in a cause, perhaps write a check.  Just take that first step.

What are creative ways that God is showing you in His call for justice?

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