Creating Art From The Spoken Word

Car display at the Seattle Art MuseumI imagine Paul would’ve liked email and social media.  2 Cor 10:1 seems to say that he was shy face-to-face (one translation says “meek”, another says, “timid”), but was bold when far away.  He was a writer and a very logical thinker who debated both pharisees and Greek philosophers.  He was single for at least a very large part of his life.  Perhaps he really wanted to go for God with no distractions.  But if he was shy, was he also maybe too shy or awkward to approach a girl?

I can totally identify with Paul.  Speaking’s hasn’t always been my biggest strength.  I often just like to write words on a page, because it can flow easily at times, and at other times I can concentrate and take my time to say the right thing.

But I can’t spend my life on the page.  I must interact with others face-to-face.  Technology and social media will never replace this need.  We must hear the comfort of a voice and to get people’s attention who are close to us we speak aloud.  Relationships are sealed with the spoken word.

A statue of Saint LukeBack when I started this blog, the theme was from imagination to reality.  It was about creating into real life what was imagined whether it be a song, an invention, an entrepreneurial idea or having your own life adventure story.  Basically something becomes art  when the creative concept is brought forth alive.  I wanted to focus the theme more on worship and creative journey to be more consistent with the music focus, but the old theme still comes out in a lot of ways and that’s fine.

Scripture says we’re made in God’s image, so our creativity comes from Him.  When God created the world He had a creative idea He brought forth into reality.  He spoke the world into existence.  Art was created.  Speaking is an important part of bringing an idea to reality.  When you speak (or sing) a Scripture your faith comes alive.  Speak to this mountain and it will be moved.  Mark 11:23

Speaking Scriptures is one of the keys to breakthrough, perhaps one I should be utilizing more, and so I’ve been speaking aloud the Scriptures Messenger sends to me.  Ps 102:13 Ps 119:58 This is my set time for favor Lord I entreat Your favor w/my whole heart.

Once when I was receiving prayer a few months ago, a lady in church had a picture of my well being stopped up.  There was a shovel right by it, which didn’t seem to work no matter what I did.  The shovel represented tools of the flesh, but by speaking the Word the well would flow freely.

I realize the “name it, claim it” teaching has gotten a bad rap, because of extremes or abuses.  But let’s just forget all that for the moment.  There’s no need for weirdness or excessive spending or purposely not using medical treatment in an emergency.  But the Word is what it says it is no matter how people twist certain teachings.  The Scripture verses on faith, prosperity, healing and victory still hold true.  Just study those out and let God reveal truth to your heart as you speak them out.

Declare the names of God over your life and spend time in worship with that aspect of God in mind.

Maybe you’re struggle is finance.  Declare Jehovah Jireh, the Lord is my Provider.  For someone like me who needs to feel control over finances, I’ve had to declare this over and over again as God challenges me to give, take risks, keep after dreams, etc. and give HIM the control.  And He has provided.  He protects me and opens my mind to hard work, generousity, and financial skills I’d never had before now.

Sick?  Declare Jehovah Raphah the God of Healing.

If you’re stressing out you can declare Jehovah Shalom the God of Peace.

Perhaps you’re disheartened with the leadership of the country.  Scripture still says to pray for your leaders.  Prov 8:15 says that by Him kings reign and law are made just.  If we fail in the election process, God can still change a leader’s heart.  You can pray Prov 21:1. Lord, the king’s heart is in Your hand, and You direct it like a watercourse wherever You please. 

I once heard someone say the Word of God is truer than your experience.  This is a mindbender for some.  We believe what we see.  Doubting Thomas saw Jesus die on a cross.  How could He be alive like the others were saying?  Is this a trick?  He let his experience dictate his beliefs.

I warn you often God will challenge you in this.  Perhaps this road of faith is harder than the road of the flesh in many ways.  You have to get revelation with His purpose and of course our dreams have to constantly tweaked.  But isn’t it worth it?

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    Your encouragement in this entry was my uplift for the day, (: