Keeping Jesus as the Focus

Cross overlooking the city at the GrottoThese days it seems everyone is talking about the presidential debates.  Most Christians I know support one over the other.  One is pro-abortion and has socialistic tendencies, the other while supporting many traditional Christian views is from a cult group, which would have stronger influence if one was in office.

While Christians talk about their favorite candidate these are things to be aware of.  It can easily happen when the focus is taken off the real King.

I’ve grown up in church and heard so many doctrines going this way and that.  But at times even wrong teachings can be lived with (better if corrected of course) if Jesus is made the center.

Back through the years there have been different methods of spiritual warfare taught.  Much was based on fictional books (the author’s initials are F.P.) which seemed to focus on demon swordfights more than than God’s omnipotence.  One method was to “bind and loose”.  At first it was binding demons and loosing angels.  I’m imagining all these angels tied up and not being able to fly (“Oh Christians, please set us free!”) and demons running around doing whatever they feel like (“Heh, heh, heh.”) till we do our daily binding and loosing.

Then when that didn’t work, and we had no examples of Peter or Paul binding territorial spirits, they switched it around and started making “binding” positive (bind the law on our heart, bind the broken hearted, etc.) and “loose” negative as it means to destroy as well as to untie and free (remember the woman that was “loosed” from the demon of infirmary in Luke 13?)

What did Jesus originally say about B&L?  In Matthew 16 Jesus gives the church authority and hell can’t stand against it-some warfare in the context, but still remember, the main context is the revelation of Jesus as the Christ.  In Matthew 18, Jesus is talking about disciplining the unrepentant church guy, not binding or loosing devils.  So that means Peter has authority.  So then Catholics end up believing we should have an absolute pope who can excommunicate at will.

So what’s my interpretation?  I know people want quick and easy answers, but I’m not as much the Bible scholar theologian type.  Rather, my job is to creatively write and get people thinking and of course to worship Jesus.  I’ll tell you what.  How about I give you the links as I just did and then you study it out with the Holy Spirit’s guidance?  Be a Berean and search out the matter.

But whatever conclusion you come to, here’s the key.  Put Jesus as the focus.  Personally I like to warfare with praise even as Jehoshaphat sent the praise team at the head of the army.  That’s particularly my own place which makes the warrior’s and intercessor’s job much easier.

There’s been all kinds of end-times teaching where the focus was on dates, numbers, conspiracies and aliens.  And now, because of the weirdness, people want to ignore the end-times, even though the signs are all around.  It wasn’t until I heard end-times teaching where Jesus was the focus, that it all began to click.

Revelation and other prophetic books are about Jesus, King of kings, conqueror of nations, and fierce lover of His bride (Israel and the church).  When I got just a glimpse of who He is in the end, I fell in love with Him once again.  It’s what fuels a house of prayer to worship night and day.

When we know the Bridegroom is coming we start to think and behave differently.  We start fasting not just because we’re supposed to as Christians, but because we’re falling in love and we long for the Bridegroom to come.   We start preparing with an urgency just in the epistles as we know He’s coming to change.  We don’t just get by so we can escape.  (Rant: Have you ever thought of how many times Jesus would have to come back if we had a separate rapture?  Jesus comes once, then comes again to get His church, kind of peaking over the clouds a bit, then comes again a third time to conquer?  Sounds a little complicated to me.)

How do you put Jesus as the focus?  Worship Jesus when you read Scripture.  Always keep it in that context.  Old Testament and New, it always points to Jesus.  Study the names of God.  You won’t have to feel it, God is always who He says He is especially during the times you don’t feel Him.

Perhaps my own focus should be more on who Jesus is than creativity or treehugging or whatever else seems awesome to me.  Nothing wrong with those things, but I want to worship the Creator not creation.  Whatever your focus is, how can you enhance the Jesus aspect?

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