God’s Unique Story For You

A page from a storybook in a foreign languageEver hung out with metal fans?  Fans act as if to be truly “metal” you must have long hair, scream about slaying dragons, and have 15 minute guitar solos that sound like what Malmsteen did 25 years ago.  In their attempt to be hardcore bands become generic and are great satiric material for Jack Black.

I give metal as an example, but in many genres too many bands or artists are not being unique.  The point I’m making is you can’t copy another’s story.  And you also can’t reenact your past glory.  Lack of new innovation is why artists love to bash on Kinkade and entrepreneurs criticize Microsoft.

Last weekend we had our church’s building dedication.  Pastor Brian Becker from Hope City spoke on not wearing another’s armor as David couldn’t fit into Saul’s.  We have to be ourselves and accept that we’re not like the other churches.  There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing, but we have to find our own path.

Afterwards Messenger and I talked for a while about our dreams and callings and what the message had to do with us.  It was all very thought provoking.  I’m realizing that though music is a very large part of my life, there are other things that God has for me, and I can’t force myself into a box of how a musician is supposed to look.  So you mean no leather pants or mullets?  I guess not for me.  Someone else will have pull off that armor.

These days there’s so much emphasis on living out your story.  There’s a reason why we go to movie theaters and read books.  We’re searching for story whether in our lives or through someone else.  We long to be fascinated.  To be inspired.  To overcome.  Conflict and resolution.  We need routine, we need to pay the bills, and we need security, but we know there’s got to be more to life than going through the same motions day after day.

There are so places I want to visit that I’ve read about, but I got to thinking, I want to live out the original story God has for me.  I don’t want to copy another’s even though I’d love to see the sites Donald Miller describes in his books or try those exotic foods Anthony Bourdain eats on TV.

Rocky Mountains From the AirIn my quest for awesomeness I tried many things in the last few years in both the church and the world.  Went on missions trips and saw revival scenes around the country, tried the whole hip Portland scene, got a few tats, dated here and there with both believers and unbelievers, and took up martial arts.

Whether events were right or wrong, success or failure, I was still searching for the original epic story God had for ME.  Of course the past was a large part of my story, but the best is yet to come.  This year I climbed Mount Saint Helens, started a very unique and special relationship, started a path toward mentoring kids and depositing what God has taught me into them, heard a call for justice and took steps to live out dreams.  Hey, it’s a start.

A scene of a church in Vejer, Spain

A scene from Vejer, Spain in 2005

And so I challenge you, read books.  Get inspired.  These busy days it’s sometimes hard to find time for reading.  So get audiobooks for your ipod.  I like podcasts myself as well as audiobooks (from the library they’re free).  I’ve heard stories of explorers, inventors, and athletes, basically people who have lived out great stories, took tough steps to get there and didn’t quit.

You might ask, what is my story?  Maybe you just work or go to school or sit in church on Sundays, but know there’s got to be more.  Before you run out to get your next tat or go skydiving, maybe you could try a retreat or a personal fast.  For guys, the John Eldredge thing with the woods can help.

Whatever you do, you’ll have to get on your face before God.  Whatever God has for you, it might challenge you, but I can guarantee it will not be boring.  There’s this song we’ve sung in church that goes I have a plan for you. It’s gonna be wild. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be full of Me.

There were so many great guys who did their own construction on our church.  And now there’s a group of guys at my church getting ready for a construction project in Africa.  They wouldn’t want to let me around powertools, but it’s exciting for them.  I encourage them as they are living out the epic God has for them.

So hey, you won’t have to go far to find your own epic story.  Get involved with the church, seek God and do what makes you feel alive.  Take the plunge!

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