Shipping-The Final Battle

A UPS box held in front of a door to a dark room.Legends of old depict a hero facing a great foe.  David and Goliath, St. George and the Dragon, Terminator Vs. T1000.  My great battle?  Shipping.

Have you ever pushed for a breakthrough for years and when things finally start happening it gets messy?  Whether through a spiritual war or a battle with the self or the world, resistance tends to lash out when back into a corner.

Steven Pressfield has written a lot of great material for getting your creative work out.  He continually pushes you, and is a must-read for creative writers, artists or someone trying to put any type of work out to the world, especially if you struggle with fear, procrastination or laziness.  This struggle Pressfield describes as a force against you, a monster called resistance.  In his book, Do The Work, he writes:

Shipping is not for the squeamish of faint of heart.  It requires killer instinct.  We’ve got the monster down; now we have to drive a stake through it’s heart.

Lately I’ve been dealing with the final chapter of the production of my worship CD.  I’ve been listening to the second take of the mastering which I’ll probably go with.  Then comes the final packaging!

But for some reason while waiting I lose focus, especially when taking the extra shifts. Things did get a bit chaotics at times this year, but I know chaos often precedes breakthrough.  It will happen.  And soon.

All these goals happening at once, the church dedication this weekend, the music, and my relationship.  Messenger once told me this is the year of the Lord’s favor.  I was cynical, but fortunately she brought out the shred of optimism that was left.  A mustard seed you might say, which she watered with her words of encouragement.

So if you’re in that battle, fight for those promises!  Yes, it might take years, but it’s worth it.  Keep worshiping.  Declare His sovereignty over your life.  “But…but I’ve heard that stuff for years.”  I understand entirely.  But just think how Sarah was barren for many years and finally gave birth in old age.  Remember when Zechariah the priest was silenced, because of His doubt?

God’s timetable is not yours!  A thousand years are like a day to Him.  Ever counted a thousand years?  That means years and decades are not a big deal to Him though they might be to us.

And so our journey continues…don’t fight the process, embrace it.

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