Dreaming and Intercession

Hawthorne in Southeast Portland, OregonAs I was coming to work, one side of the warehouse (also Hawthorne, or a basic image of Portland in general) was filling with water, being flooded out.  I was going to try walking on an above MAX railing platform, but a train was coming and it would’ve been too dangerous.  The railing was also cut off and I wondered how it would cross. (It really couldn’t have.)

One side was more flooded than the other.  On the shallower side, boxes were coming at the shipping warehouse and I think they were attempting to fill it with the boxes.  The ground was only a few inches filled with water.  I looked for my Bible, but couldn’t find it down in the water.

I thought about the lack of water lately as Mount Hood is bare of snow, and falls, streams, and lakes are much dryer than usual and wondered if this has something to do with it (this lack of water is real, not a dream).  Semi-conscious afterwards and aware that the flood was a dream, I wondered if it was a sign from God that judgement was coming and I should just pack up on the spot to leave town to Vancouver.  It was very vivid, but how would He confirm this?  I didn’t want to say I heard something and take off for just a dream.  I would think if this were the case He would make it abundantly clear somehow perhaps through a network of other Christians who are hearing the same thing maybe texting each other or posting on social media.

Kind of drifted off to sleep to dream again: I met with a little girl with a foreign accent, perhaps French.  She said, “I’m His child, and highly favored of the King.  Do you think I could change His mind?”

I replied, “I think so.”

When I woke again I realized I needed to intercede for Portland and repented for the depth of sin we had, the out of control sex-trafficking, the pornography, the extreme depth of sin in general.  Portland is a city of unknowns.  There is a spiritual search and I don’t know for sure what will happen in the end.  I just know I need to pray.

I jotted this down really quick before leaving early for work.  On the way I listened to a couple old Vineyard songs, Daniel 9 and Remember Mercy.

After work I drove to the Laurelhurst and Hawthorne areas.  I thought of intercession in a new perspective after that dream.  If we were the King’s favored child, how would we pray?  For some reason I dreamed of the interceding church as a daughter.  A dad would do anything for his little girl, even sacrificing his life if he had to.  Generally the daughter is the one who has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  She has him so charmed often she just has to bat her eyes to get what she wants.   She would also constantly tell him how much she loves him.  If he’s irate, perhaps she can calm him down.

What if she pleaded with an angry Dad to save her city?  The people have sinned, but perhaps there’s more to it than the streets upon streets of adult stores and strip joints.  Perhaps there is ignorance.  Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”  Jesus also said in Matthew 11:23 that if Sodom saw the miracles He performed, it would have remained.

There is a spiritual search in Portland and you can’t always judge everything going on by what you see.  However the coast is on a faultline, perhaps as a sign of God’s potential wrath…or actually His mercy.

But look at how prayer works.

The church we planted in near Woodstock and SE Portland, Hope City, is growing far beyond what was expected in that area.  God does listen to our prayers.

The last couple months there’s been a crackdown on sex trafficking in Portland, arresting pimps and jons and rescuing young girls.

So pray and intercede for your city like you’re highly favored of the King.  Because you are!

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