An Abundant Mentality

ApplesMe (from phone text): That tomato was very tasty.  My family liked it too.

Messenger: I’m glad you enjoyed it.  I can get more cuz the tomatoes are producing an abundance right now!

I still remember how good that tomato was that was sent to my family.  Juicy, sweet and huge.  Irregularly shaped and right from her folks’ garden, not like the perfectly shaped, uniformed look of the ones you buy at the grocery store with chemicals and factory breeding, which don’t have anywhere near the quality.  Forget health benefits, you can tell it in the taste.

If anyone’s noticed there’s a change in mindset and writing style, and if you look in the archives, you can see the journey.  My lady’s encouragement has much to do with it.  I just thought she was cute when I asked her out, I hadn’t realized her inheritance and family’s prophetic ministry.  Awesome.

Abundance can come in many forms.  And it’s there when you look for it.  Okay, so I live modestly, but I still count my blessings.  God is providing in so many ways.  Taking extra hours while they offer it at work I’m saving up for those months after peak season with fewer hours.

Got two freebies this weekend, a gift card to Tropical Smoothie Cafe and a new book called Kingdom Journeys.  Score!  And soon a CD, one of my main life goals.

Just sent in a deposit to invest a bit. My dad has experience as a day-trader, so hey why not take advantage?  People say stocks are risky.  Bad economy, blah, blah, blah.  How is this any “riskier” than going on a trip or spending your money on a new ipad or television? There’s nothing wrong with possessions, but do we approve of spending on possessions more than investing?  Is there any chance of getting this money back?  Most likely not.  Even worse if we buy on credit.  No wonder our nation is in financial crisis.  Our mindsets have to change. You know the parable of the talents?  Even though He was referring to spiritual truth, there’s a literal lesson as well.  I take that to mean we should invest our money, not leave it sitting around.

We have too much junk already.  I’m in the process of selling some old stuff on Craiglist.  Anyone need a punching bag or mandolin or an old stuffed animal?  C’mon, guys, you know you want one!

Our church recently sent a student to the Bethel School of Ministry.  He needed money, and so friends gave some here and there.  But what was really cool was the pic he posted on Facebook. (No, not from me, just a great story!)

As I’m learning to take steps in risk, I depend on the Lord my Provider.  You know those stories where a last minute check for the exact amount comes on the minister’s doorstep to pay their exact bill?  I’ve wondered, “How come I don’t see that?”

Recently I’ve felt like instead of sweating it out for miracle donations, God wants to use me somehow in the capacity to give.  So let me get this straight, instead of receiving that money miraculously I get to give?  Well, you know…giving comes from abundant resources…If God called me to this, He’ll also supply my needs.  Hey, I’ll take it.  And yes, I’m open to any miracles of receiving as well.

The word I heard from Bethel in February was worth the whole trip: Creative acts of risk release the creativity of God.  Trying to think entrepreneurially as well as learn basic finance skills, I’m reading books both Christian and secular as well as Scripture and staying in prayer.  Like I said before, in the same way we hear music from heaven, I believe God can give us business ideas if we listen.  I’m sure many of you can agree with this prayer: Lord, give me ears to hear!

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