Our Mess, God’s Plan

Colored leavesYesterday seemed like a normal day at first…okay, now that I think about it maybe not…

That afternoon I borrowed my dad’s car and picked up a potential drummer, and then took 205 North to the Thursday night prayer meeting.  Suddenly the car started shaking, so we pulled over.  Flat tire.  No big deal, right?  Flats aren’t the worst disaster and it’s one of the few handy-manly things I know how to do.

So I jacked it up and suddenly we found out that the lug-nuts were indented.  Huh?  I’d done this many times, why was this car different?  We didn’t have the lugnut key.  So we ended up going to to church on the flat and left it overnight for us to come back later.

An indented lug-nutWhen we got there late, we let the drummer play with us.  He was great, but unfortunately we kepts having issues with sound as well as playing as a team.  I was off-center and stressed, and I have trouble functioning in my normal roles.  I guess I don’t fake things well.  It ended up being one of those not-so-usual prayer meetings and they laid hands on the team.

Have you ever had seasons of growth where everything seems chaotic?  It’s contrary to the way we’d put things together.  For some reason God uses our chaos to bring us to new places.  I know that God is a God of supreme order, but He sees the big picture.  What happens is OUR mess is being brought to light and He comes with His grace.

So many times our churches say we want revival, but when the process comes it scares us.  I myself like things to be perfect.  I want the perfect team that plays like CDs, worship that easily soars to the heavens, and instant miracles happening left and right.  Sometimes when I take trips to Bethel or IntHOP (I might call it this, because it seems every time I mention IHOP, someone think I’m talking about pancakes.  yeah, yeah, pancakes…hahaha), and I see what looks like perfect worship, buildings and tech.  Of course we don’t always see what’s going behind the scenes…or realize that IHOP took over 10 years of many prayer meetings before launching the prayer center.

People talk about the signs and wonders of the early church, but when you read the Scriptures, you can see things were quite messy in the process.  They looked drunk when they were filled with the Spirit, they were persecuted, and someone even died during the offering when he tried to deceive.

So hey, if you’re feeling like your life is in chaos, remember the enemy has no reason to bother you if you aren’t a threat.  And God often tests people before bringing them into big things in life.  So is it God or the devil doing the testing?  Look, I don’t know all the answers, I just give perspective.  Check out Job, a book where they tried to figure out suffering.  God’s final answer?  God is big and you are small.

So when you go through the chaos, you might think weird things like, “Am I going the right direction?”  I think sometimes chaos is a confirmation, so keep heading the way God told you.

Don’t worry, if God gave a direction, it will work out.  A good book or movie or story needs a conflict and a journey to overcome.  Our lives are the same way.  God works things out in the end.

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