Coming Out Of The Wilderness

Oregon coast sunlight seen through woodsThe other day Messenger and I had lunch at the Original Taco House in Vancouver, where the interior is traditional Mexican and the burritos are delicious.  For not too a bad price, I’d highly recommend it.

We had a conversation about how when we come through a dark night or wilderness experience I think it’s painful for God as well.  You know that old saying, “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”  Although my dad says when he was kid, his dad disciplined him and said, “This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’s gonna hurt me!”  Haha

A few years ago I was dealing with my own wilderness.  I sat in the 24-hour prayer room in Kansas City for hours reading Song of Solomon.  The story of how she looked for her lover and couldn’t find him and was beaten in streets.  Then later she finds him and walks out of the wilderness leaning upon him.

It’s maybe a bit like that scene in The Princess Bride where they come out of the fireswamp. Except the Biblical hero doesn’t get captured upon coming out.  Humperdinck:  “Surrender!”  Westley:  “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”  :-)

Forest At Paradise Point

When we come out of our own wilderness experience and learn to lean on His grace, we learn how weak we really are in our humanity.

Just before church Sunday I read a quick Scripture and found out I’m starting to fall in love with God once again.  In fact the other day when relaxing on the computer I found myself turning to the Scripture instead of Facebook at first.  I tend to get distracted sometimes, so this has to be God!

The new sanctuary at Truelife ChurchWe then had our first service at our new building.  Our home.  Worship was incredible.  And I realize it’s not about a building.  But sometimes when we see promises fulfilled that we’d been praying for years it just naturally makes us want to praise God.  Long story, but our church has been through a lot.  Last week Pastor said praise God for the journey.  I threw up my hands as I know I would never in the place I am today without that journey, triumphs, struggles and all.  God knows what He’s doing.

So perhaps you’re dealing with your own wilderness experience or maybe your coming out of one.  God’s presence is worth it!

This video was taken from a song from Misty Edwards and David Brymer: Measure of Love.

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  • This post meant the world to me. Thanks, Josh!

  • Josh Taylor says:

    Thanks Pastor Elizabeth!