The Need for Retreat-Depoe Bay

Coffee at the Trendwest Worldmark at Depoe BayTook a much needed getaway to Depoe Bay this week.  My folks had a Trendwest housing setup so might as well take advantage.  Since I get these optional days-off, hey might as well use them.

We hung out on the coast a bit, then kicked back at the hotel and watched The Godfather, then sat in the spa.  Sounds relaxing, huh?

Next morning I checked out the workout room.  Stationary bikes aren’t near as fun as being outside on the real thing!

As we took the trip back we stopped by Devil’s Punchbowl and the Tillamook factory.  On the ride I listened to an audiobook of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a great read and simple take on having an entrepreneurial mindset as well as being smarter with your income.


Sign in front of ocean view: Pirates of Depoe BayThe ocean is a great place to pause and reflect.  To selah if you will.  There’s often no choice, but to consider life and talk to God, away from all the noise.  We need getaways like this.  Even if pondering on the ocean isn’t necessarily your thing, you should come up with whatever works for you.

What reminds you of God?  Think of those times you had with God.  Where were you?  What were you doing?  You might not be able to reproduce past events, but find what seems to work on a daily basis.  If it was a certain song at an event, download and play it while cleaning or driving.  If it was around certain people, give them a call.  Seek out those people influencing you the right way.

I think a good prayer life is not so much how strong or mature you are, but is by creating a good setup.  This works for any type of growth whether dieting, being more productive, etc.  Be consistent with your prayer life and then let God interrupt your schedule.  And if you’re not consistent, there’s still grace and you can still let Him interrupt.

Find a day away.  Set the date on your calendar.  Make the effort to do what helps you find God.  Your decisions and struggles need God’s perspective which is often out of the box.  So get out of your box!  Go somewhere.  Do something.  You’ll be glad you did.

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