When You Struggle for Time to Worship

A view of North Portland Industrial Area's eerie sky on the way from work in the morningBZZZZ  BZZZZZ BZZZZZ

Barely awake, I look at my phone in the dark and the identity is a four number extention.  Yep, that’s for me and it’s legit.  groan

Groggily, I answer, “…erllo…?”

A slightly urgent, but professional-sounding voice answers, “Hi Josh, this is C from UPS.  We need someone for Metro Secondary and I have you on the list for doubleshifting.  Would you like to double on nightsort?”


“How soon can you get here?”

“…well…uh…what time is is now?…” I take my the phone off my ear real quick to look at the time. “…Okay, it’s 11:30 now…um…I still have to get ready and then I have to drive to North Portland from Gresham…”

“Okay, see you soon.”


Fun times, eh?  My job is officially part-time, so while the extra work is there, I get overtime and I have to take advantage.  It’s a blessing in that I was worried about finances and God is providing.  So I ended up working all sorts of hours around the clock from helping drivers in the hot sun around hic territory (farmland near Troutdale and the Gorge) to zipping up bags of letters in a warehouse in the evening.

Not only that, I’ve entered the world of freelance writing.  You mean you get paid to blog, Josh?  Is that real?  It is to an extent.  But it’s not just whatever you want to write about.   It’s commercial writing about things like warehouse floor tape and developing apps for smartphones.

Why would I want to do this?  Okay, so it’s not necessarily exciting, but it’s real.  Despite what you might think from some lifestyle design guys, there’s much more to it than just to “follow your passions” by just suddenly quitting your dayjob and jumping into your dream career of blogging and traveling the world.  Copywriting is something I wanted to do to get my creative nature into the business world.  And it has to start somewhere.

When You’re Too Busy to Worship

Josh Taylor sitting at the piano in the dark studioSo between writing gigs, extra work, a relationship, church activities, and my own projects, I’m swamped, and my sleep schedule getting unpredictable.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  Especially working college students who barely have time to eat.

Prayer?  Where do you find time for prayer?  I could preach at you and say, if you REALLY loved God, you’d make Him a priority.  And that is partly true, when someone says, “I don’t have time” for this or that, it’s not a priority to them.  But with prayer I don’t make a blanket statement like that.  It’s more like, “I struggle to time for prayer and worship, my most basic need, and I’m frustrated.”

Sometimes I’d get annoyed with messages about idols.  And while I know you might be able to apply some symbolism, the prophets in the Old Testament were talking about human sacrifices, weird pagan orgies, and actually having worship services to statues, not modern Christians with immature habits making television or video games their “idols”.

While it’s true about priorities, not every circumstance is the same.  Sometimes you have to be realistic and just say grace covers where we fail.

I’ve heard of conference speakers having trouble finding prayer time, because they’re so busy.  In fact Mike Bickle once said to some other leaders that he didn’t want to spend time speaking at conferences about prayer, but he wanted to have more time so he could really do it.

The difference is the attitude you have.  If you’re ignoring God, that’s one thing, but there are sometimes temporary situations where you’re really busy for a couple of days and are truly missing Him.  While driving you might turn off the talk radio and approach Him, “Lord, I know I’ve been busy, but I really miss my time with You.  Please help me to find time to seek You, read your Word, and hunger for You again.”


Remember, it’s a relationship just like a married couple.  Sometimes you just have to make the time, maybe schedule it in, whatever you have to do.  If you’ve lost time, make sure you can get that quality time in, hopefully not just Sunday morning.

But in order to get that quality time in, you have to take the legalism out.  So you missed a few days, okay maybe a few weeks.  Quit feeling too guilty to pray, just jump right back in.  God is not trying to punish you every time you miss time.  In fact you LONGS to spend time with you.  He’s thrilled at the worship you’re jumping right back into, whatever your struggles.

So what are you waiting for?  Jump into His arms!

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