Owning a Vision

Sky from the bike path on the 205 bridgeHuff…puff…huff…puff

Slowly cycling uphill on the bike path in the middle 205 bridge, the sun bears down on my pasty northwestern skin. Between the wind my focus I don’t really notice the gradual burn.  Cars whiz by on either side and there’s a magnificent view of Mount Hood looming to the east above the Columbia River on a clear day.


This Mount Saint Helens hike is going to be awesome!


This is harder than I thought…   When I feel tired I often think of my imaginary navy seals drill sergeant yelling at me to get my butt moving.


Halfway through.  I once again think of George Leonard’s writing, “And if the traveler is fortunate – that is, if the path is complex and profound enough – the destination is two miles farther away for every mile he or she travels.”  I want there to be two miles for the one, this is nothing…It’s the journey that counts!  I figure if I keep repeating this weird thought, it might take.


It seems to keep going uphill ahead almost leveling off.  Does this bridge ever end?  Just wait till the hill on St Ellsworth!  From Gresham to Vancouver, I’ll make it!

It’s back to training for Josh.  Haven’t really had time for martial arts lately, but I now have a goal.  In two weeks me and some guys from Tri-met (not sure why I have so many Tri-met friends, but I do) are hiking Mount Saint Helens.  Training means building up endurance by biking, running and stair climbing.

I’ve noticed that  I don’t seem to get motivated for harder exercise unless I have an endgoal.  A couple years ago I really had a mindset to learn taekwondo or get better from arthritis.  I did lots of cardio, not as much for the cardio itself, but because it helped the endgoal.    With this hike in mind I’m not just willing, but am excited.

When you have goal in life, a vision so to speak, it starts taking hold of your life.

205 from the bike path

You’ll start doing things you’d never thought possible.   I heard a story once where a preacher spoke to around three people in his early days.  When asked why he used a mic he said, “Because I see how I’m preaching to thousands!”  Crazy?  Yeah, a bit maybe.  It was none other than Jude Fouquier from the City Church, an associate pastor and well-known speaker at conferences all over the world.

But things do have to start somewhere, and this is the hard part.  In the past too much has been written about the great things that happen, but not enough about the process of getting there.  Get rich quick!  Work four hours a week and travel the world!  Build an awesome dynamic ministry!  Get those six-pack abs you’ve always wanted!

Hey, even summer youth camps and conferences emphasize it.  “Change your life.  Get your passionate relationship with God over the weekend with our special meetings!”  And we wonder why it fades away in a couple of weeks.

And of course I agree, God can change a person in an instant, but there’s still a process He takes us through over the long haul.

When you get a vision, it will be tested.

Tested to the point that tries our faith.  The person who fell in love with God later wonders where He could be.  Just look at David, the worshipper…or Jesus, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Psalm 22, Matthew 27:46

But this vision keeps you moving, sometimes to the point of frustration.

A few years ago a band called Cynical Limit had a lot of songs about vision.  One song, “The Dream” says:

And oh I live
For what I’ve got to give
Losing is all I fear
I can’t explain
Why what I want so much leaves so much pain
It’s given me all I am

But then it takes it all away

You see, when you have a vision for something, it won’t let you go.  You might even run away, but it will still be there.

You’ll also need to pray it through.  Remember, God’s promises are always true, but He doesn’t have to fulfill them in the box that we make for Him.

So what’s your dream?  Ignore it and it’ll gnaw at you like crazy, so you might as well give in.  Pray it through.  Remember it could take years, decades even.

Even if you don’t see the end, the journey steps still count!  What small step can you take today that will help move you forward?

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