Making Your Dream God’s Dream

Radio Towers in front of Mt HoodMy Grandpa is an old-time pentecostal preacher.  One time when talking about fasting while praying for souls, he said, “They say you stop being hungry after three days…they lied.”

Fasting?  You mean like not eating? Are you serious?  Is this really what Christians do?  I know we’re discouraged from drinking, but I see all these donuts in the church foyer.  Aren’t they encouraging us to eat (all the donuts you want, but heaven forbid a drink) and make merry?  Why do we gotta be so legalistic?  C’mon, I just want to have fun.

Is fasting even healthy?  Yes, believe it or not giving up the donuts for a few days can be good for you.  Not only does it detoxify your system, but it brings you closer to God.  If you could think of yourself like a radio, hearing God’s voice is like a finely tuned station that often gets static when our reception is bad.  Fasting is the antenna that catches that signal and makes it clear using the Word as a guide.

In my own relationship things can get complicated.  We have a unique situation, but we make it work for us.  I’ve sometimes really had to give it to God.  If it’s destined to be things will work out.  Yes, my trust in Him is that much.

A few months ago we were deciding whether or not to be in a relationship.  I really struggled with the question, “Does God tell you someone is to be your spouse or do you just date, keep it clean and seek God as you go?”  Everyone seems to have a different opinion, and I think every circumstance is different.  Relationships are so complex that you can’t always write an easy five-step program.

But enough about me.

In the Book of Acts, when they needed to make a decision they prayed, spent time in God’s presence and fasted.  What opportunities are you deciding on, whether in relationship, career, ministry, business, etc.?  Look, there’s no way around it.  You have to put in the prayer time.  And yes, even fasting.

Breakfast at Chinook WindsI’ll be honest.   I’ve been bad at fasting lately.  I know I make excuses, because my job routine will often call for heavy-duty work.  But you know what?  Years ago, when I worked a sit-down job editing records I avoided fasting, because I’d get so sleepy sitting down.  So, no matter how you cut it, fasting is not easy.

You work day-in and day-out on your dreams. You see it all over the internet and the bookstores.  “Make your dreams happen!”  These are the dreams God gave you, but here’s the hard part.  If we want God’s blessing, we have to trust God with our time, our money, our relationships, career, everything.

Okay, maybe that didn’t hit. We know that.

I think that when God’s will is involved in the fullest it won’t look how it is supposed to look.  God has His own agenda, and guess what, it’s not the same as yours.  Your plans might even be partly right on, but might need some tweaking.  No matter how many books you read, He’ll still have that unique calling and purpose for you.  How about instead of our own dreams, we make them God’s dreams?

Does that mean that we have to be different than the norm every time?  Maybe, maybe not.  But be open to unconventional ideas.  In John 21:6 Jesus said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”  Are we going to be able to hear these type of ideas for us, and when we do will we follow them?

In fact if you’re going through a test, that’s a good sign.  There’s certain things you just can’t learn without going through it.

Recently in an email conversation with Francois Antoine Saverias from Famous Last Words, he mentioned God telling of a complete overhaul for the church.  A “shifting”.  And in the shifting, there would be sifting.  God is changing things corporately as a church and for us individually as well.  We’ll be more authentic and represent Christ more within our agendas.  This word definitely resonated in me as well.  Things are going to look very different.

I know a church that once kept trying to copy moves of God going on in other cities.  Someone gave the pastor a word about using recycled oil.  I think many of us could use that word.

Many are responding to the problems of modern church by following a worldly model for social justice and relating to culture.  Look, I’m not opposed to updating methods, but remember that God has something very unique and we really need to be open to what He has for us through the Word.

The Batman tragedy in Colorado breaks my heart, especially when little ones were hurt.   When such darkness and injustice exists, there needs to be a strong church.  God will do that with us however He will.  And yes at times it will hurt.

So will we submit our dreams to His process?  Hey, the choice is yours.

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