Flowers From The Dirt

Flower plant by the steps at nightMe: Hello God.  So how’s it going?  (smiles up…then hangs head)  Oh yeah.  Okay…um…so I kinda messed up…again…

God: …

Me: I’m so sorry.  Wah!  I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!

God: ….

Me: You think that caused it?  Nah, don’t worry about that.  Every other Christian does that, it’s normal.  Anyway, hey yeah look at this nasty sin!… WAH!  I suck!

God: …

Me: Well, anyway… I think I’ll just go do something else.  I’m sorry.  I can’t seem to feel you.  Maybe in a couple days…

Ever heard that David Crowder Band song Wholly Yours?  Here he talks about how we’re stained with dirt, but when we come to God who is clean, “From the broken earth, flowers come up pushing through the dirt.”  In other words something beautiful comes through the process.

Don’t you hate trying to worship after doing something “bad”?  It feels like being grounded from worship.  The truth is however you feel at the time God loves your worship and wants to draw you in and wash your dirt in His presence.

Personally I like feeling righteous, not shameful when I worship.  It’s a nasty process, and I’d rather just work on stuff myself sometimes.  You know, get “cleaned up” and then come to Him.  Right.

Blue Lake TroutdaleProverbs 20:27 says God’s lamp searches out everything.  I know that might be a bit scary, but God isn’t intending to embarrass you.  He just wants to heal you and will honor you and work effectively as any great surgeon would.

Say we have a lust problem, or lashing out at someone close, or gluttony, whatever it is.  While we’re boohooing some vice, we just ignore the small small voice, when He points out a root cause.  We get in His presence and He points out, what about this seemingly innocent, whatever-it-is?  Or how about THIS?

But we just wave it away, and come up with excuses.  We’d rather go back to, “Wah, boohoohoo, I repent!, blah, blah, blah.” and then, “I’ll get it fixed.  I will!  I’m REALLY determined now.  I’m gonna fast, get accountable, pray all the time, and read books.  Now where’d I put my sackcloth from last time?”

While we continue to ignore that root, we say, “I’ll do this, this, this, to fix it.”  And then somehow we either 1. mess up again (“Wah!”) and at times fall away or 2. We somehow actually get it sort of cleaned up, but get self-righteous: “Yay, I fixed it!  I guess I’m not so bad after all…”  This quite often happens when Christians call themselves “mature”.

So what to do?

Become like the sinful woman in Luke 7 who made a scene, crying to Jesus.  Come to Him.  No matter how painful it is.

Dig out the guitar or play that favorite worship track once again.  Read Psalm 51 and make it a repentant lifestyle.  This is key to relationship.  God wants you to come, dirt, messiness and all.


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  • HisFireFly says:

    for we can never be clean enough
    and He washes us as we worship
    and loves our broken willingness to come

    • Josh Taylor says:

      That’s a good thing, Firefly. Nothing like being clean. Like when I take a shower after camping. :-) Thanks for commenting.

  • I once had a similar revelation, remember it like it was yesterday sitting alongside a creek on the edges of winter. How I often feel like I have to have it all together before I bring myself before God. And He takes us just the way we are . . .naked, dirty, hungry and parched. I’ve never looked back. Lovely reflection.

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Right, because it’s often those times we feel like we don’t have it altogether, when God works in us best. Thanks for commenting, Shelly.

  • YES. repentance is key. and a guitar too. :) thanks so much for this convicting, real post Josh. bless you.

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Thanks Emily. Sometimes I preach to myself and it ends up kind of messy on my blog, which for some reason I let the world see. Sort of like a Jackson Pollock with words. :-)