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Angel Statues at the top of the Grotto in Portland, OregonKansas City, Missouri.  Home of the Chiefs.  Barbecue, jazz history, and very flat land.  It’s also a spiritual center that draws people from all over the country.  Way out south in the suburbs is this place called IHOP.  No, not pancakes, it’s called the International House of Prayer.

From my first experience I could feel the presence of God in the room.  It sort of reminded me of Toronto years back.  A lady was alone on the stage playing the piano with a voice of soul, sort of a cross between old Vineyard, the Cranberries, and Enya with a midwest twang.  Her name was Misty Edwards.

One thing I noticed was how people were so laid-back.  Such anointed worship and they’re sitting there using their laptops?  What I didn’t understand was that many were there for multiple two-hour sessions, quite often at least six hours.  The interns were encouraged to study and do their homework within this community based around the presence of God.

International House of Prayer sign in the snow in Kansas CityAnd I learned they fasted…a lot… So that’s how they’re so thin and trim, sitting for hours in a place named after pancakes…

I’d seen revivals in the past that didn’t seem to last.  I wanted to see day-to-day life worship, not the conference setting with all the fancy lights and gizmos.

Sometimes we get the impression that worship needs to be intense.  And we wonder why we keep going through life not “feeling it” after we get so touched spiritually at a conference or camp.

Back when I was younger I read a book called The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence .  He would talk about worshiping while doing mundane things like washing dishes or doing chores.  If his mind wandered, not a problem, he’d just bring it back.  It was more the attitude, not how intense he was at the time.

I think that’s what Paul meant when he said, “Pray without ceasing.” Not just fervently in intense prayer constantly, but having that attitude.

Steps in Smith RockOften we don’t count the “low moments”.  The dry worship seasons.  Small wilderness experiences.  You know when you drive to work with worship music, but your brain is consumed by life.  Or you try to pray and you feel like you’re talking to a wall.

Brenning Manning makes an illustration of a child being held by the parent, looking this way and that.  He’s not very focused, distracted by all these things he see in the world, and yet he’s still in the parent’s arms which blesses both the parent and himself.

What’s hard for me is when I do something “bad”.  For some reason we act as if we have a grounding period, where we can’t talk to Him even when we repent.  God wants us to come to Him in our weakness though.  These are the times it really counts.  Let Him clean us up.

Kevin Prosch has a song called, “Come Down”, where he says to God, “I empty out the pockets of my life with nothing to bring but my iniquities.”

Then there’s the trials.  When you sometimes feel mad at God, maybe cynical, and yet at times you just want to worship Him, guess what, you just might be on the right track…  Yes, I know, sometimes what you SEE is injustice.  Trust me, I’ve dealt with this and sometimes even now at times.  It’s what David poured from his heart in those mournful Psalms.  But present circumstances don’t make God’s Word any less true.

Remember Job’s response to disaster?  Job 1:20-22  He worshiped God.

And so let’s commit to continual worship once again.  Remember your Tuesday worship.  Your dry time is your growing season.  Take joy in it.  Start getting into the Word for the everyday life.  I like Proverbs just because it’s easy and talks about everyday life, morals, career, making money, relationships, etc.  The Psalms set a pattern for your life of worship.

Enjoy your journey.

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