Finding That Heavenly Sound

Sun through trees with a background of the sky with cloudsThe servant was just doing his duties as usual.  But when he entered the composer’s room that day, something was different.  In the room was a man in a huge white wig intensely focused on writing a manuscript.  The man looked up, tears in his eyes.

“Is something wrong, sir?”

“No, everything’s well.  I’ve seen a vision of heaven!  The composition…the notes are coming to me if God Himself is writing the music through me!”

“Are you still working on the oratorio then?”

“Yes.  This part is called the ‘Hallelujah Chorus.'”

Fastforward 370 years…  Handel’s Messiah is still being sung in churches and concerts all over during the Christmas season.  He heard a heavenly sound. Continue reading »



Making Your Dream God’s Dream

Radio Towers in front of Mt HoodMy Grandpa is an old-time pentecostal preacher.  One time when talking about fasting while praying for souls, he said, “They say you stop being hungry after three days…they lied.”

Fasting?  You mean like not eating? Are you serious?  Is this really what Christians do?  I know we’re discouraged from drinking, but I see all these donuts in the church foyer.  Aren’t they encouraging us to eat (all the donuts you want, but heaven forbid a drink) and make merry?  Why do we gotta be so legalistic?  C’mon, I just want to have fun.

Is fasting even healthy?  Yes, believe it or not giving up the donuts for a few days can be good for you.  Not only does it detoxify your system, but it brings you closer to God.  If you could think of yourself like a radio, hearing God’s voice is like a finely tuned station that often gets static when our reception is bad.  Fasting is the antenna that catches that signal and makes it clear using the Word as a guide.

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Flowers From The Dirt

Flower plant by the steps at nightMe: Hello God.  So how’s it going?  (smiles up…then hangs head)  Oh yeah.  Okay…um…so I kinda messed up…again…

God: …

Me: I’m so sorry.  Wah!  I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!

God: ….

Me: You think that caused it?  Nah, don’t worry about that.  Every other Christian does that, it’s normal.  Anyway, hey yeah look at this nasty sin!… WAH!  I suck!

God: …

Me: Well, anyway… I think I’ll just go do something else.  I’m sorry.  I can’t seem to feel you.  Maybe in a couple days…

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Worshiping on Tuesday

Angel Statues at the top of the Grotto in Portland, OregonKansas City, Missouri.  Home of the Chiefs.  Barbecue, jazz history, and very flat land.  It’s also a spiritual center that draws people from all over the country.  Way out south in the suburbs is this place called IHOP.  No, not pancakes, it’s called the International House of Prayer.

From my first experience I could feel the presence of God in the room.  Continue reading »

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