Five Ways to Become Boring

A Ripple in Water with Leaves 1. Don’t

2. Go

3. After

4. Your

5. Purpose


Lately I’ve been studying commercial writing.  As dull as it is, it can be a handy skill to learn.  But if I see another vicious blogging circle blog I’m gonna scream.  (I.e. 7 ways to be a better blogger to your audience of bloggers, making money online with a how to make money online blog, etc.)  But of course I do want to be a better blogger, so I read them!

There’s a hilarious site called The Dullest Blog in the World.  It’s so dull that it’s actually interesting to read.  Unfortunately that idea’s taken so I’ll have to go the other route and become The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Well, maybe The Most Interesting Man in the House.  No, wait a minute, that’s my housemate D.  He plays the accordion, scalps tickets, does freelance news video, and sells manakins from the garage (creepy).

Okay fine, but at least I can go after my purpose and calling in life.  Whatever that looks like in your own life, I can guarantee you it will not be boring.

There’s been a lot of writing these days about how to make a good story with your life.  People generally think of travelling, pursuing an art or passion, finding interesting activities, etc. But really it doesn’t have to be anything hip or whatever.  It’s whatever you find fulfilling.  If it doesn’t fulfill you, then something needs changing.

Boredom.  It seems so innocent, but it could be your worst enemy.  There’s so much emphasis on entertainment these days, because people want an escape.  Video games, movies, social media can be okay in moderation.  The problem is when you replace your purpose with other things.

I used to crave all these things, but now I just don’t have time.  Between going for dreams, having a girlfriend, working, trying to find ways to make money, and helping my church I barely have time to sleep, let alone be bored.

Lust is such a huge problem for guys especially.  They try so hard, fail and continue being weighed down by shame.  But you know, many times people look at the problem themselves instead of the roots.  And there are many, but I believe lack of purpose is one of them.

Remember the Blues Brothers?  “We’re on a mission from God” in a Chicago accent is what they’d keep telling people.  When I started really grabbing ahold of God’s mission instead of just coasting by, I found some of these issues just started naturally fading.  I still struggle and still sometimes fail, but it’s not near as strong.

It’s terrible when single guys just accept this victim mentality.  “Oh poor me, I don’t have anybody, I guess I’ll just drift along till I find someone, then I’ll be happy.”  And they let themselves go and don’t take care of themselves.

Trust me I’ve been there and over the years I had to learn, hey, guess what, that mentality is not attractive. Women want someone who’s doing something with their life, regardless of how much they earn, what they look like, etc.  It’s knowing who you are, your “inner game” so to speak.  You don’t need more pickup techniques, just grab ahold of your purpose and go for it with everything even you fail a few times along the way.

On Father’s Day, Pastor preached a great message about standing up, being masculine, and taking the lead in your home or your life.  It was powerful and you can receive as much as you’re willing.  It might be hard, but think of it as a challenge, not a condemnation.

My girl has been so patient.  I’m far from perfect, but at least making an effort counts for something.  In fact she encourages rather than condemns, helping me go forward.  I’ve been very blessed that God put her in my life.  And it was AFTER I started really going after my purpose on my own that I had this breakthrough.

So perhaps you’ve given in to discouragement.  Been there, done that.  My intention isn’t just to condemn you, but to lift you up.  It’s never too late.  Find things that make you feel better overall and help you grow, not just entertaining you for the moment.

Exercise, educate yourself, take baby steps in areas that you fear.  Find time for God’s presence, get in the Word.  Keep on the path.  Live the Psalm 1 lifestyle and be a tree.  And so enjoy your journey.

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