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Coffee, the Bible, and the IHOP webstreamGrowing up in pentacostal, evangelical, and charismatic settings, we’ve always had communion with grape juice (one of those little byproducts of sufferage.)  Though the Lutheran’s eucharist drink might be a bit more aesthetic, it’s really it’s what goes on in the heart that counts, not what you drink.

But something got lost in the communion ritual through the years.  In the old days there was a get-together with friends, more like one of those big after church lunches at Latin or Romanian churches.  It wasn’t originally formalized in a stuffy church setting where no one could talk while the organ played and little plastic glasses were passed out on trays.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy this tradition as there are many styles of communion, and it’s an experience in the heart.  I’m just trying to bring out one aspect we might’ve lost.

A modern church equivalant could actually be coffee.  While this might not be symbolic of the blood, it is associated with friendship by our culture.  I’m not saying we need to pass out tiny cups of coffee and break up donuts for our worship.  I’m only speaking of the social aspect which we need to relearn.

Whenever there’s a get-together with a pastor with church business, it’s coffee.  Sometimes Bible studies are over coffee.  In fact for a first date, coffee works well.  I remember asking my girl out for the first time when we had one of our after church conversations, “I’ve been trying to take more risks with my life lately…um…do you want to go to coffee sometime?”  Though I was scared shaking, apparantly my risktaking coffee pick-up line worked.

Cafe Delirium, coffeehouse, greshamAvoiding cliche Starbucks, I look for smaller businesses that I want to support, though sometimes you need to go corporate for locations and convenience.  For me it’s more about the place and having the same great people that work there than it is the coffee itself.  A few shops I enjoy are Di Tazza in Vancouver, Washington, Cafe Delirium in Gresham, and Green Beans Coffee and Tea in Portland.

My dad was once wondering if it was spiritual to bring his coffee while praying.  Once he did it felt right.  After all coffee is the drink of friendship.

When I get up in the wee hours of the morning.  I enjoy coffee and listen to worship music on the way to work.  Sometimes I might be too tired to even say much, but it still impacts me.

Okay, so why all this emphasis on coffee?  Don’t you have something more spiritual to say?  Hey, do what you enjoy.  No reason you have to fight to bring down heaven every day.  There’s a time and place for that, but sometimes God just wants to have pleasant conversation over coffee.

I’m not stopping you from fasting or praying hard or whatever, but here’s a key to finding God in your everyday life.  It’s in the little things.  You see even within a busy life that doesn’t seem spiritual, when you take little moment to worship it thrills God’s heart.

Want a new level in your prayer life?  Enjoy Him and let Him enjoy you.  Simple, huh?  Follow the example of Mary of Bethany.  You don’t need to be constantly “doing stuff” like Martha.  Just sit at His feet.

But, but, what about praying for world hunger, injustice, the current political state?!  This will come in time when the Holy Spirit moves as you seek Him.  But first things first.  Relationship comes first.  Follow the first commandment, to love God with everything you have.

So grab your coffee (tea works too!), grab a worship CD and get started.  Enjoy.

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