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A check from Bank of AmericaThe other day there was a conversation at church about whether Christians are good or bad tippers.  There were different takes.  One point was that teenagers are bad tippers and messy as well.  But I’ve also heard that Christians are awesome tippers, at least when they know the other person is a believer.

Whatever the concensus, we need to develop a generous heart in whatever circumstance, especially with those who aren’t Christians.

Be ready to bless others.  Even the barista?  Look, I’m not telling you where and how to give.  But start to think of others.  Giving, not spending.  Whatever your budget, it’s not the same thing.

Even in the business world, they understand this principle.  Those that are successful were often very generous in helping others when they built their networks.  Some call it karma, or “what goes around comes around.”

The guys that wrote the Scriptures understood this principle long ago.  It was called reaping and sowing.  I’ve even heard of businessmen who tithe, who never set foot in a church.  Whatever place they’re at, they understood the principle.

At one time when someone said to give what is God telling you or whatever I’d have a hard time with it.  What, does an angel appear during offering and give a specific amount, dollars and cents?  I get it a bit more now, but for a long time it would annoy me, because I didn’t feel like I have a voice in my head that told me how much to give.  At least I didn’t think of it that way.

He says give generously out of a cheerful heart (I Cor 9:7), so I do.  I seek Him and He speaks in His way to me.  In fact believe it or not, I’ve sometimes wanted to give more, but felt held back.  Like I was disobeying if I gave too much.  I guess He mainly wanted to know I was willing.

Back in the revival days someone once said if you don’t give what God tells you, God’s gonna hold you accountable one day.  It ticked me off.  Not because I’m stingy in my giving, but I hate fear tactics, and especially manipulation.  God is not like that to His Bride.  There’s a place for correction, but giving should be a positive thing, never out of guilt.  We GET to give and bless and then we are free to receive.

Another thing is faith pledges.  I just don’t see that in the Scriptures.  Credit giving is an American thing.  Debt isn’t what I’m talking about.  Neither is extravagant spending, more than we can afford.

Do we really have to tithe?  Isn’t tithing an Old Testament principle?  True.  In the early church they sold their possessions…  Do we really have to constantly debate over every penny we give?   I want to move from just “getting by” into generosity that leads to BLESSINGS.  I mean like faith like Abraham had.  And yes, it can lead to literal wealth.

By placing ourselves in positions of dependence of God instead of ourselves, we allow God to move, assuming we moved in God’s will.  (Ananias in Acts 5 was not giving in obedience.  He lied to get attention.)

Back in the Old Testament, their offering services involved slaughtering animals on a bloody altar.  It was just something to get by, but God made it clear He wants our heart.  Hosea 6:6 says He desires mercy, not sacrifice.  His heart was justice for the helpless, giving to the widow, the orphan. David knew that he needed a heart broken for Him.  Psalm 51:16-17

So can we take our worship to a new place?  Many times the highlight of worship is AFTER the worship service.  When it comes time to give, forget your obligations.  Just give out of a loving heart.  Bless others.  You won’t regret it.

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