Small Signs of Favor

A rainmow on the way back from Cannon BeachA few years ago they used to say this thing in church about a cloud the size of a man’s hand.  I thought, huh?  Like many times in church things like this go right over my head.

I finally somehow learned about what it meant.

It’s from I Kings 18:44 and is about when the Israelites were praying for rain and didn’t see any.  Elijah would tell the servant to keep going back and looking seven times.  He eventually saw the cloud the size of a man’s hand, which showed a hint of favor.  Which led eventually to a rainfall the size of a storm.

We keep asking for a breakthrough and for so long we don’t see anything.  But when the small sign comes it’s something to get excited about.  A bit of anticipation arises after hopes were long gone.  We didn’t get what we demanded at one time and yet now we start seeing things.

Like something from a dream long past.  Psalm 126 says the men brought back to Zion were like men who dreamed.

There’s a song we sing with a part that goes, “After the rain has fallen.  After the clouds all roll away, the sweetest name remains on my soul.”

I’m starting to really believe in favor even though I haven’t seen the abundance as of yet.  Being in a position of a drought for a long time I really appreciate the small signs I see.  A couple extra hours here and there, and couple more students, heck someone bringing in snacks on break instead the vending machine.

The words of encouragement that Messenger texts me in the morning before I get off work are like a drink of water in a dry land.  There are many times I can’t seem to feel God, but I hear Him through her.

Having her by my side as my best friend is a huge breakthrough.  A sign of things to come.

So we need to be in a position where we’re thankful for everything we have.  Even the tests we had in the past contribute to this attitude.  God is a generous God, but we need to know it’s not from our own strength, but it’s Him and we can be thankful.

Praise Him always.  When You feel Him and when you don’t.  And always thank Him for those hand-sized clouds.

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