Taking Time for What’s Important

A view of Lost Lake and Mt Hood out by Hood RiverGroan

My arms are tired.  I did a shift earlier, but didn’t catch up on sleep like normal in the daytime.

Oh great.  Another small 40-50 pounder on the floor.  Another one.

One more.

Doesn’t sound like much, but many throughout a shift are hard.  Plus shoving the big ones out of the truck.  Don’t bend Josh, use your powerzone.


No working out today.  This is enough.  Normally I get easier jobs.  Taking a double-shift unloading trucks might be hard, but it’s great overtime.

Josh, you mean you’re not a rock star yet?  Well, as much as I’d love to wear leather pants and jam with fancy guitars over huge marshall stacks and have hot girls all wanting my autograph, I’m doing this for now.  (Don’t worry I probably won’t break out the leather pants.  I’ll leave that to Klaus Meine.)

Yeah, dreams are great over the long haul, but you also need funding for the moment.  There’s the challenge.  And a little hard work never killed anybody.  When you get stuck in the rut of doing what you hate is when you have the problem.

My lady, Messenger, texts me words of encouragement while I work my lame job.  She loaned me a book called Becoming a Commander of Covenant Wealth.  It’s actually not too bad so far.

Josh, you’re getting into prosperity teaching?  Well, you got a better idea?  No, I’m not racking up credit buying extravagant stuff or faith pledging to a televangelist or talking like slick car salesman, but I do believe we shouldn’t just ignore the literal promises given to Abraham which are for us as well.  And just like a sick person should fill themselves on healing Scripture, someone who works a low-end job should read the wealth scriptures.

But what if they don’t work?  What if you don’t “see” it?  Faith itself is the evidence.  (Heb 11:1)

Lately I feel like I’m being called back to prayer.  We can’t just be frantically busy all the time and expect something to come without relationship.  Check out Psalm 127:2.  If God designed your project, whether ministry, business, music, art, whatever it is, though you will often need to take action, you still can’t depend on yourself just working hard.  He’ll get the glory out of it.

Sometimes I wish there was some Tim Ferris method for working prayer time in.  Hey, here’s a 30 minute slot in my planner.  But I just don’t think relationship works that way.

The Mount Hood Forest by Lost LakeMessenger doesn’t like it when I do that with her.  Who would want to be just there when it’s convenient?  Last Saturday we took a trip to Lost Lake out back from the Hood River area.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  No agenda.  Just us getting away from the busyness of city life.

God does appreciate the time from your schedule, but what He really wants is your heart, even if you only spend a few minutes here and there.  Sometimes those minutes can turn into hours, when you actually take time for it.

And with worship comes breakthrough as you acknowledge God’s sovereignty.

Sometimes when we get busy we can give a simple acknowledgement of the heart.  “God, I’m so tired.  I miss You.”  Also often we can do things like play worship music while we do other things.  I often like to put on International House of Prayer’s livestream.  It’s a great way to be involved in what God is doing in a central location.

Unfortunately with ministries, social occasions, jobs, kids, family, relationships, projects, etc. busyness inevitably comes.  I guess that’s why they call the work world “business”.  Sometimes you will just need to find a way to slow down.

So keep your priorities.  Put God first.  Whatever you do, keep your first love in mind.

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