Releasing the Creativity of God

A Rock Climber at Smith RockFaith used to be one of those things I’d get bored of hearing about.  I thought it sounded like something from a theological textbook.  Or one of those “name-it, claim it” guys back in the day when people would say cheesy stuff like, “Tell the person sitting next to you this or that.” or “Can I get an amen?”.  But when you really start to live it.  It gets pretty exciting.

People doubt prosperity, because hey if that were true, why doesn’t God make us all rich?  I’ve been dwelling on this myself.

Me and a friend were once talking about why we don’t see the full extent of God’s favor.  When we don’t see prosperity, healing, etc. I personally have seen some favor, but I have a long way to go.  I’m not seeing prosperity at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk in it.

I think there’s an element of risk to walk in God’s favor.  Like the stories of Abraham, Peter trying to walk on water, the fisherman casting nets on the other side, etc.

And it’s not that we take it in our own hands.  It means God works with men to accomplish His works.  Check out the first couple chapters of James.  A great book for faith with deeds. I see this book in a new light and not just the theologian’s take where the emphasis was on debate over calvinism rather than life and the revelation of faith.

In John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart, he talks about how men find themselves when they go to battle or go off alone in the woods or rockclimb or whatever when there’s some kind of element of risk.  He goes on to tell how in order to walk in God’s calling we can’t play it safe.

Like when you ask a girl out from church.  You might be shaking and the silly voices in you keep telling you to play it safe, but you do it anyway whatever the consequences.  You might even need to fail a few times.  But then when the right one comes along, you know that step was worth it.

Remember that word I heard on my trip to Bethel, “Creative acts of risk release the creativity of God.”  But I think they need to be the right risks.  Hint: The casino or the lottery is not.

The risks need to be led by the Spirit.  Huh?  How do I know what is led by the Spirit or not?  Good question.  We need to be in prayer, worship, in His Word, fasting, following leaders, etc. to help us hear what He is truly saying.  I personally am not a fan of constantly saying God told me this or that.  I just try to follow His Word and walk by faith.  It doesn’t have to be some mystical experience.

Sometimes God will ask us to take a risk in our giving.  But God doesn’t always do things according to our little box.  He might instead ask us to take a risk with our time.  With our dreams.  With our reputation.

What if God wanted us to not give the panhandler money, but take him out to dinner?  But that would take time.  That would be associating with someone “dirty”.  Yep, and he might be blessed in it, because you showed you cared instead of just giving a buck.  I’m not saying you need to do this, but I’m just saying there could be situations where we need to think out of the box.

One more thing.  When someone is going through a hard time and not seeing the promises, don’t judge them.  Sometimes there are testing seasons people go through.

Perhaps we are to risk our hopes being dashed once again.  Why do we fail sometimes?  Sorry, I wish I had all the answers, but just know God is in control, no matter what we don’t understand.

Anyway, I think it’s time to get ready for uncomfort.

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