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Oregon Coast from Ecola State Park viewSo it’s May.  The Sun peeks out at times and it rains at other times now.  It’s time to get out.  Explore nature, get some exercise, hang with friends and family, and seek God.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to go here.


Silver Falls

A scenic photographer’s dream forest.  Ten great waterfalls and very green trees kind of like an elven forest.  It has the ten falls trail for a long hike to see all ten of them and if you want shorter hikes just drive to various locations and see a waterfall here and there.  Bike trails, campgrounds, cabins.  It rocks.

Smith Rock/Crooked River

The rockclimber’s hangout.  But there’s great hiking there as well.  Central Oregon has quite a different climate.  With it’s deserty landscape I could picture the place being in an old western movie.

Crooked River Ecola State Park

Cannon Beach is great and many go there, but you can also take a road uphill from the for a fantastic view of the Oregon coast.  Great place to take a lady.  From that point you can also drive down to Indian Beach, where the surfers like to hang out at.  Yes, the chilly Oregon coast does have surfers.  I think they’re nuts myself.

The Grotto

Great little foresty area within Portland.  A great place for having spiritual walks or sitting and reflecting.  Other good places in the city are Hoyt Arboretum and the Japanese Garden.

The GrottoLa Camas Lake

A bit East on the Washington side in the Camas area.  A decent little hike with a great waterfall, not so big in height but wide and crooked, very beautiful.

Columbia Gorge

Of course there’s Multnomah Falls that everyone goes to, but several other falls too around there.  I personally like Bridal Veil.  Horsetail Falls are good too.  Then there’s Crown Point, which has a spectacular view of the Gorge.  The North side of the river in Washington is a great drive as well.

The 205 Bridge

Incredible view of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood.  Unfortunately you can’t look too much while driving…

Anyway, get out and enjoy the sights.  Have fun.

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