Reaching Hurting People

Downtown kids with a "free hugs" sign.Sunday was an interesting day.  Sunday morning, then helping out with the Spanish service, then played a gig at another church that had a lot of specials.  What I noticed about this gig was it was traditional pentecostal, but there was life to it.


There were plenty of older people and they called each other Brother and Sister so-and-so.  There was a major variety of music and show.  Some was traditional gospel (think Gaithers) and some was interpretive dance.  Then there was the band I filled in on which was a sort of 70sish rock’n’roll band where I got to play a hammond organ.  I’d messed around with organ sounds on keyboards, but this was the real deal.  Then there was my songs, something totally different.

A Hammond Organ

This Hammond was sweet to play bluesy rock'n'roll with.

They preached a lot and didn’t get out till late.  But something I noticed.  They reached out to the community.  Okay, so their methods and style were a bit old-school.  But you know what?  People really don’t care so much about your style, methods or music.  Hurting people just want to be loved.  That’s it!  It’s very simple.

Perhaps churches sometimes focus too much attention on style, music, or technology and not enough on people.  So a church gets so many hundreds or thousands of people.  Great, I agree that numbers are good.  But are those numbers mostly long-time Christians transferred from other churches or people from the streets?  People who might not have their act together, people with weird, even annoying habits and scruffy clothes.  Some might smell like smoke or even b.o.  People that won’t make your church look pretty, won’t always attend as regularly, and have issues that take time to deal with.

Look, I agree with excellence and professionalism and strive for more.  I want to get away from poverty mentalities in my own life as well as for others in church.  But always have a place where the lowly feel at home.  A place where they can feel a peace and know they can have a better life.  Not so that they be accepted by others, but feeling accepted already, then lifted up.

Let’s get our act together as well as accepting those not as far along.  Time to continue the process.

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