Faith-Those Little Risky Steps

A near around Mt Saint HelensThe old man panted his way up the mountain carrying his torch and knife, while the boy behind him carried some wood.  It was cold that morning, but the uphill hike warmed them up just fine.  The boy said, “Wow, this is exciting, have we been up this road before?”  The old man merely plodded on, a grim look on his face.  “This is great, thanks for taking me, Father.  Although I am getting tired, I wonder what Mother will have back home for dinner after this?”  Again, the old man said nothing.  All that could be heard was the crunching footsteps of their hike.  The kid noticed there was a tear running down his dad’s face, but pretended not to see.

Wait…something’s wrong…


The old man brushed back the tear, “Yes, my son?”

“The fire and the wood are here, but where is the lamb and the burnt offering?”

The old man answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”  Then they continued.

They continued on in foreboding silence.  When they finally reached their destination, the boy dropped the wood.  “Wow, that was quite a trip.”  The old man said nothing, but took a moment to rest.  He paused looking worried and hesitant and then began his project of building an altar.  Once the altar was finished, the old man laid out the wood.

“So Father, where’s this lamb?”

“Isaac.  Get on the altar.”


“You heard me.”  The old man then yanked up the boy, shoved him onto the wood pile, then tied him down.

The boy’s eyes were wide in shock.  “Father, what’s going on?”

The old man wiped away more tears and drew the knife.  He looked up one more time crazed with fear as if questioning a friend he knew was up there.  He looked back to the boy and paused, hesitant to do the deed.  After a moment a look of resolve hit his face and, shaking, he raised the knife…

The second he was going to bring it down, a voice called, “Abraham!  Abraham!”

“Here I am.”

“Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

Suddenly a ram appeared in a thicket.  Abraham then wiped his brow with relief and untied Isaac, pulled him off the altar and embraced him tightly for a long moment, thanking God over and over again.  They then made their sacrifice with the lamb that appeared.

“Isaac, that was an angel that stopped me.  I was doing what I was told, but I would never have wanted to hurt you, my son.  God has provided our sacrifice.  In fact from now on we’re gonna call this place, Jehovah Jirah, “The Lord will Provide.”

Okay, fast forward a few thousand years…  Somehow God has rocked your world.  As you sought Him, maybe He started asking you to do things you weren’t comfortable with in some unorthodox way.  You tried doing all the right things, maybe going to church or working your dayjob or raising a family, but still you ended up going on a weird journey.

I’ve been reading lately about how God gives generously, but we need to put ourselves in positions of receiving and then act when He tells us to.  George Muller is an interesting story.  This guy didn’t even take a salary to put himself in a position where God had to provide.  His organization ended up with five Christian schools, a ministry school, and by the time of his death, received and distributed a couple million dollars with enough to support orphanages, distribution of over a million New Testaments and other books, and also supporting other missionaries like Hudson Taylor.

For some reason, we always talk.  For years I talked.  Talked about making a CD, but I let life prevent it.  God so obviously called me to music and creative ventures.  Now I’m finally doing something with it and living off one part-time job.  Though I’m rather uncomfortable dipping my feet in the water, I know the Lord is my Provider and He has come through for me during a risky time.

At Bethel I heard a word, “Creative acts of risk release the creativity of God.”  What has God put in your heart that you need to act upon?  How can you put yourself in a position of needing Him?  What have you actually done with that business idea that you’ve always talked about?  Have you started writing that book?  That weird invention?  What if you’re single and you like that great girl at church and know you need to take a step?  What if you have a very successful position already in the eyes of the world and then you’re called to forsake that and go to the mission field?

I warn you, things might get shaky.  But it’s worth it.  Let’s go now.  Walk in the favor of God.  Act and receive.  Stop reading this blog and do what that little voice in your head is telling you.

…to be continued…with you!

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