Midweek Quote: No Boundaries

Now, after years of preparation, I was back at base camp and ready: well trained, prepared, focused. I’d visualized that final stretch of the summit ridge over and over. The summit had shadowed my dreams, my thoughts, everything. It would be the most difficult part, I knew. When climbing that high without supplemental oxygen, time races on while forward movement is slowed to a crawl.


Days passed. Days of numbing cold, incessant winds, and constant work. Nights of almost no rest, sleeping in tissue-thin tents and down-filled sleeping bags. Endless hours of plodding up a vertical mountain …until finally, I was once again three hundred feet from the top. I stared at the summit. A pattern emerged: one determined step, rest, a dozen breaths. Another singular step, rest, and more breaths. I focused on reaching closer landmarks. Each step became a goal within itself. And then almost miraculously it seemed, I reached the top. -Ed Viesturs, No Boundaries, Spirit of Adventure

(Ed Viesturs climbed Mt Everest without supplemental oxygen multiple times, and several others and was featured in IMAX’s “Everest” and made a cameo in “Vertical Limit”.  I relate to climbing mountains on a spiritual level and so find inspiration in this. -Josh)

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